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      Article representing Aweb Digital Marketing Agency

      Author: Hennadii Okhrimchuk
      Chief Business Development Officer

      Dear friends!

      Warm greetings to all. In the past year and a half, a time marked by the war in Ukraine, the Aweb performance marketing agency has undergone a transformative journey. Our international client base, particularly from the United States and Europe, has expanded significantly during this period. These valued connections have primarily been established through recommendations, although we have also welcomed unknown visitors to our digital doorstep. Recognizing the importance of sharing our story, we are excited to present a post introducing our agency.

      Generally, the war in Ukraine has changed a lot in the Ukrainian people's lives. And this also touched us at Aweb. Many Ukrainians have moved to other countries. Some of them have started their businesses and are looking for good partners in performance marketing. Our extensive experience collaborating with these dynamic individuals across international boundaries has motivated us to engage with our diverse global audience.

      So, introduction!

      Established in Kyiv in 2006, Aweb Performance Marketing Agency was born from the collaboration of two students pooling their talents in website promotion. Over the years, we have proudly maintained our Google Premium Partner status. We are experts at improving websites and running successful paid ads for small and medium-sized businesses. If we were to compare our job to a soccer (football) coach, we're the ones who can help a lower division team make it to the Premier League. Our primary clients are in industries like healthcare, services, and niche online shops. We have tried to build relationships with our clients for years. And each new project for us is the beginning of a great journey.

      While our core expertise is in SEO and PPC, the spectrum of our offerings extends far beyond:

      And, of course, all of these services can be combined into a smart strategy with a clear and logical timeline.

      Our collection of work shows how good we are. We have exciting examples of successful projects and lots of happy clients. In 2018, we got a special award from Google for our clever way of doing online ads, which we showed in one of our important projects.

      At the heart of our agency is a core team with a long history of dedication and expertise. Many of our team leaders have been with us for over a decade. Plus, a big part of our team can speak English well, which helps us communicate and work with people from other countries.

      Our way of working is pretty simple. We have a simple contract, an easy-to-use system for managing projects, and various ways to talk to each other. We want to keep things simple so that both us and our clients can focus on the projects. You've got it right: successful projects in marketing happen when our team and our clients work together smoothly.

      Summary! Top reasons why you should choose Aweb as a performance marketing contractor and recommend it to your friends:

      1. Proven success: We have done well in projects at home and abroad.
      2. Experienced dedicated team: Our skilled team knows English and uses the latest methods for advertising and promotion.
      3. Client-focused: We value long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and growth.
      4. Clear communication: We keep you informed every step of the way with open communication and detailed reports.
      5. Results-driven: Our main goal is to make your business hugely successful.

      If you have a tough marketing challenge, let's talk about it together. Just send us a message!