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      Why you can trust marketers and agencies from Ukraine

      Author: Hennadii Okhrimchuk
      Chief Business Development Officer

      Dear friends!

      Have you ever had the choice of hiring a domestic agency or an agency from Ukraine for a project? Have you ever thought you could trust a local agency rather than an agency, let’s say, from Ukraine? Suppose you have ever had a question about trusting a Ukrainian performance marketing agency or Ukrainian marketers. In that case, I will give you the top 5 reasons and one more reason why you should trust Ukrainian marketers even abroad.

      The first reason. Ukrainians are a nation of entrepreneurs. This may be strange for a post-Soviet country that has been at war for nine years, but it is true. Ukrainians are extraordinarily entrepreneurial. In every branch of small and medium-sized business, there are a few market leaders and an even greater number of companies that strive to be them. Whatever business you take — medical clinics, plastic surgery clinics, sex shops, sports clubs, restaurants, or any kind of customer service — in any segment of the economy, you will have a choice of dozens of companies offering their services. The reason for such an explosion is that Ukraine inherited a very educated and active population from the USSR. The sleeping entrepreneurial energy soared to the surface. As a result, in Ukraine, there are a lot of small and medium-sized businesses with a high level of service. And among them, there are professional agencies of performance marketing.

      The second reason. Stems from the first one. In small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine, there is very high competition. In every segment, dozens of companies compete for top positions in Google search results. This forces them to continually improve their websites and all other aspects of their business — the level of service, pricing, product range (if it is an online store), or the range of services (if it is a service-oriented business). Performance marketing agencies play a significant role in this context.

      The third reason. Strangely enough, it is the war in Ukraine. Millions of people left the country and moved to different countries. But you would hardly call Ukrainians refugees. They are very active people who integrate into the society and economy of the host countries, learn the languages, send their children to school, start active jobs, and some even open small businesses. And they hire Ukrainian agencies to do performance marketing.

      The fourth reason. This is a business-friendly infrastructure: online banking, postal services, and marketplaces. Any small and medium-sized business in Ukraine can easily accept and send payments in convenient banking applications, supply their goods very quickly through modern postal services, placing their product offerings on marketplaces with a broad audience. This makes the entry barrier to business very low, and anyone can become an entrepreneur. All one has to do is register on the state services portal and at the tax inspections. A supportive environment generates entrepreneurial development.

      Fifth reason. These are the economic recessions of 2008, 2014, and the military and economic turmoil of 2022. These events were accompanied by a collapse of the national currency, reduced demand, and bankruptcy of many businesses. Many entrepreneurs were forced to reinvent their businesses in a new environment. Those businesses, particularly performance marketing agencies that have survived three powerful economic storms, are no longer afraid of anything. This is the best way to create an entrepreneurial culture in Ukraine. And now Ukrainians are ready to share it with the whole world.

      All the factors described above have contributed to the emergence of highly qualified service companies in Ukraine. And agencies of performance marketing have leading roles among them.