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About Aweb

The Aweb company was founded in 2006. Our task is to attract targeted traffic from search engines to clients’ websites. To do this, we use two methods:

  1. We optimize the client’s website and bring it to the top 10 in the search results.
  2. We set up and optimize contextual advertising.

In addition, we use web analytics tools to increase the return on advertising investment.

successful projects in 16 years

We are good at promoting small and medium-sized online stores in search engines:

  • Online store of electronic cigarettes

    • During the promotion, traffic grew 5 times from 200 to 1000 people per day.
    • Over the past 5 months, the number of transactions has increased by 266%.
    • 13 phrases hit Google top 5, and 36 phrases hit Google top 10.
  • Online store of manicure tools

    • Search traffic increased from 800 to 3500 people per day over the year.
    • Sales increased by 4.5 times: from 120 to 500 per week.
    • The number of ordered goods has increased from 700 to 3900 per week.
  • Online jewelry store

    • The site has been removed from the Google filter. The traffic has grown from 20 to 500 visitors per day.
    • Monthly traffic growth: +44%.
    • In the last month of promotion, 161 transactions were made through the shopping cart.
  • Power tool shop

    • In nine months, search traffic has grown from 200 to 2,700 people per day.
    • The number of orders increased by 466%: from 60 to 280 per week.
    • The number of items sent to the shopping cart increased from 200 to 850 per week.

People turn to us, so we can help increase the number of new customers and optimize the advertising budget:

  • A network of laser cosmetology clinics

    • The number of calls increased by 91%. The number of those who came to the reception and paid for services increased by 68%.
    • 414 words were ranked in the top 10.
    • The traffic is 2000 visitors per day.
  • Odessa pizza delivery service

    • The total number of sales increased by 37%. The conversion rate of website visitors to orders is 22.64%.
    • Conversion cost (online + call) — UAH 9, 25.
    • The return on investment in contextual advertising — 620%.
  • HVAC online store

    • The average cost per click decreased by 44%, the conversion rate increased 3 times.
    • The ROI of product groups ranged from 110 to 420%.
    • 31,963 visitors went to the client’s site in 2.5 months.

In low-competitive topics, we achieve results with the help of a «one-time» promotion:

  • «Pravo» — Cherkasy legal group

    • 80% of requests were brought to the top 5 of Google and Yandex.
    • The number of calls increased from one to 7-12 per week.
    • 30-40% of calls are converted into some form of cooperation.

We have witnessed dramatic changes in search engine algorithms several times. At the same time, we still found a solution in the interests of the client:

Sometimes Aweb employees share their experience and knowledge with other SEO optimizers.

  • we conduct seminars;
  • we speak at conferences with reports.


Aweb’s mission is to help entrepreneurs see how internet marketing is driving business growth. The main tool for achieving this goal is the «Cases» section in our blog.



operations manager


head of technical department

Natalia Kolesnik



head of contextual advertising department


head of account managers

Gennady Okhrimchuk

sales manager


Aweb is a certified partner of Google in the Google Adwords contextual advertising system. The Aweb are certified specialists in web analytics and contextual advertising.

Contact Information

The company is located in Warsaw and Kyiv. Our clients are located throughout Ukraine, EU, UK, Israel, Canada, USA and Kazakhstan.

Warszawa, Domaniewska 37 M2.43

Kyiv, st. Vladimir Sosyura 6


Anna Zhurba
project manager

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