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Customer feedback

Serhiy Brzezytsky
technical director of PEREKLADACH

Alexander Chertok
Director of Metalbudservice LLC

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen
Global Fantasy Sports

Dmitry Martinenko
co-founder of Expert-furniture

Eugene Sherman

Vitaliy Stetsenko
owner of the website slinex.kiev.ua

Anton Marchenko
head of Viar’s web department

Sergey Zapovitryany
executive director of podarkoff.com.ua

Kondratiuk Jewelry

«During the year of active SEO promotion, the site reached the top of the search engine, significantly increased its traffic and, as a result, the number of online orders.»

Vladislav Kondratyuk, CEO


«Thanks to the competent work of our partners, we have occupied the TOP search results for many important key queries for a long time.»

Yuri Kolesnikov, CEO


«Thanks to the work of Aweb, our company has been a leader in search results for a long time.»

Vitaly Yuriyiv, CEO


«For one and a half years of cooperation, a significant amount of work was done on SEO promotion of the site, which helped us to significantly improve our position in search engines and increase the site’s ranking.»

Igor Sergeyko, CEO


«I really like that the tasks are performed quickly, and the reaction to changes in search engine algorithms is brilliant. Aweb specialists are not afraid to experiment in solving global problems. This contributes to the development of our site.»

Alexander Vazhinsky, CEO

Tarantino Family

«In the first month of cooperation with Aweb the total traffic of our new restaurant website exceeded the total traffic of all our websites stated before the promotion.»

Volodymyr Trypolsky, head of the loyalty program

The power of light

«Thanks to the work of Aweb, our site today is in the top 10 of search engines.»

Alexander Patrikeev, CEO


«Working with Aweb professionals has helped us reach a new level of product promotion and attract new customers.»

Mykhailo Serovatsky, CEO

Online store «Hunting goods»

«We have learned a lot from working with your team, and hopefully we will learn more.»

Ruslan Dzarasov, CEO


«The number of free search traffic on the site has increased more than 3 times. We are at the top of search engines for most key queries.»

Andriy Lazko, CEO

Pizza Od Ua

«After contacting Aweb, the volume of orders on the website has doubled in just a few months.»

Arthur Zaharyan, CEO

Real estate store

«We wish Aweb further professional growth and recommend it as a very decent, responsible, high-class company, true professionals in the field of SEO promotion and contextual advertising.»

Andrey Morozov, CEO

Renaissance Center

«Thank you for your professionalism, sociability, diligence, and efficiency of your work.»

Alexander Terletsky, CEO

Flaver to you

«We were happy with the honest terms specified in the contract: the first results will be in 2-3 months, noticeable results will be in 4-6 months.»

Talgat Ayapov, owner

Delta SKL

«Delta SKL LLC has every reason to recommend Aweb as a reliable partner in the field of contextual advertising.»

Mykola Kozhin, CEO

Hansa Reklama.UA

«During the collaboration, the company has proved itself as a team of experienced professionals who have a high level of responsibility.»

Igor Dikterev, the founder of the company


«We are absolutely satisfied with the results of our cooperation and will be happy to recommend you as an absolute leader in the field of search engine promotion.»

Sviatoslav Orobchuk, CEO


«The rating of our website has reached the required level and has grown several times after the start of cooperation with Aweb.»

Igor Skripchenko, CEO


«The efficiency and quality of services provided contributed to the development of our business and increased sales.»

Olena Tkachenko, owner

Active Medical

«Special thanks to the account manager Maria Davydychev for attentive attitude to the client’s wishes and quick response to the tasks.»

Ilya Myakenky, CEO


«The creation of a landing page on our website, which was offered by Aweb managers, brought a great effect.»

Vyacheslav Artemyev, CEO


«It took effort for a good result. Initially, not everything went smoothly on our part and the part of Aweb optimizers, but the result has appeared over time and is stable today. On the main key queries, the position of our website is stable and high.»

Taras Oleynik, CEO


«The ranking of our site on the indicator of the main keywords has reached the planned level.»

Igor Shkurenko, CEO

Ukr-fin tour

«Traffic to our website during the works has increased significantly, and the number of customers is increasing.»

Yuriy Andronov, CEO


«We have been cooperating with Aweb since 2010. During this time, it has managed to establish itself as a very stable organization with sustainable development.»

Yuri Mosin, CEO

Architecture and Technology

«The results of effective website promotion were an increase in the number of visitors to our website and their conversion into customers.»

Alexey Chaika, CEO


«Viria STC recommends Aweb as a professional team that can solve customer problems at a high level.»

Yevhen Kyrylenko, CEO


«Two years of cooperation have shown the high qualification of Aweb specialists. The set goal has been achieved.»

Timur Suprun, CEO


«Our website is ranked not only in the top 10 in terms of keywords, but also in the top 2, which makes Aweb the absolute leader among promotion and optimization companies.»

Mikhail Zibin, CEO


«After 4 months of cooperation, all identified queries were promoted to the first page of Google, and many of them promoted to the top 3.»

Julia Reizina, CEO

Healthy Youth Center

«Thank you for the high quality and timeliness of the services provided to promote the website.»

Eugene Nerukh, CEO


«In the minimum period of cooperation, we got to the top, which is very gratifying.»

Eugene Prividentsev, CEO


«Renaissance Addiction Center expresses its gratitude to Aweb for their significant contribution to the development of our organization.»

Victor Khyzhnyak, CEO


«All the goals of the website promotion have been achieved.»

Alexey Nikonchuk, CEO


«During the cooperation, Aweb has exceeded the tasks specified in the agreement, which is very rare in this area of services.»

Anatoliy Zagulyak, CEO


«During the cooperation, Aweb has proven itself as a team of professionals. The results of their work can be seen from the first days of cooperation.»

Roman Levchenko, CEO


«Based on our experience of cooperation, TriA-Net LLC recommends Aweb as a reliable and professional partner for site optimization.»

Alexander Lubensky, CEO


«During the cooperation, Aweb specialists showed their professionalism and high competence in promoting our website on the Internet.»

Alexander Litvinenko, CEO


«As promised, sales increased in the first month of cooperation!»

Oleksiy Slabenko, CEO of Marketing and Sales


«Thanks to working with Aweb, we have significantly increased keyword traffic and all promotion work is performed on time.»

Olena Vorobyova, CEO

Watch for You

«Thanks to the efforts of the staff of this company, the attendance of our online store has increased several times, which affected the number of orders.»

Ruslan Zetov, CEO


«For several years, our company has been using the services of Aweb for search engine optimization of our online store.»

Igor Gural, CEO


«Based on our experience of cooperation, we recommend Aweb as a reliable partner for work of any complexity.»

Oleg Repin, CEO


«Your responsibility and attention help us to work more efficiently and develop confidently.»

Sergey Kovalenko, CEO


«We recommend Aweb as a reliable partner for the promotion of any business lines.»

Vladislav Berezorudsky, CEO


«Thanks to the efficient work of Aweb, our site has taken a high position on the Internet, which has allowed us to significantly increase the number of customers.»

Galina Usenko, CEO

Flash furniture

«Flash Firm LLC considers Aweb to be competent in the field of website promotion, integrated Internet marketing and fully trusts their experience in this field.»

Veronica Datsyk, CEO

Free lawyer

«We can say with confidence that we are satisfied with the results of cooperation with Aweb. We will continue to work with the company in future, because now we know for sure that our investments in online advertising pay off and make a profit.»

Taras Myaktov, CEO


«All work is carried out qualitatively, on time, and at a high level.»

Vladimir Kalinichenko, CEO


«Achieving a good result requires mutual understanding, the ability to compromise, and, of course, trust.»

Alexander Black, CEO


«The results of work on the pravo.ck.ua project did not take long. Now the website occupies the top positions in search engines.»

Alexey Shamov, group coordinator


«Thanks to Aweb, our company continues to grow and increase incoming website traffic.»

S.M. Melnik, CEO


«All types of work to promote our website were carried out in a timely manner and quality.»

Ivan Dubok, CEO


«Aweb is not afraid to experiment and responds to our requests in a timely manner.»

I.V. Vinogradov, CEO

Anna Zhurba
project manager

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