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Our services

Safe promotion

We promote without the risk of getting into the «filter».

We use only natural «eternal» links.

We bring to the top

We bring to the top 10 70% of promoted key phrases in 6 months.

Traffic growth

We focus not only on position but on the growth of targeted traffic from search across a wide range of keywords of your business.

Comprehensive internal optimization

We conduct an SEO audit and optimize all pages of the website. We regularly write texts for the site.

Maximum coverage

We set up and optimize campaigns in Ads.

We use Display Network and remarketing for incomplete and repeated conversions.

The best specialists

Our employees are certified specialists. The company is a partner of Google.


We plan contextual advertising by days of the week and hours, use targeting by regions, test and find the best adoptions.

Increasing your conversion rate

We track the effectiveness of campaigns using call and event tracking in Google Analytics. If necessary, we create and optimize landing pages.

Promotion on social networks

Reaching a paying audience

We set up advertising campaigns for the target audience on Instagram and Facebook.

We use remarketing and targeting by contacts of existing customers on Facebook and Instagram.

Increasing brand loyalty

We provide contact with the target audience on social networks and increase brand awareness.

Collection of leads

We set up campaigns for collecting leads (emails, phone numbers) without the need to create a website.

The best specialists

Aweb employees completed training on setting up and running campaigns, and social activities from Facebook Blueprint.

Displacement of the negative

We displace pages with negative reviews about a company or person from the search results. We seek to exclude «unpleasant» pages from the index or push them as deep as possible in the search results.

Creating a positive reputation

We form a positive or neutral reputation for a product or service.

Safe promotion

We do not use «black» promotion methods.

Promotion to the top in 2-3 months

More than 72% of keywords will be in the top within 3 months of promotion.

Positions and downloads

We increase positions, CTR and the number of app downloads.

Comprehensive optimization

We are working on internal and external optimization of the mobile application.

Anna Zhurba
project manager

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