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Promotion of an online store

Objective: to increase targeted traffic from search

We promote safely

We do not use rental links, no spam on forums and boards, or «run» through directories. Only eternal links in articles. The minimum likelihood of getting a «filter» from a search engine.

Sometimes people turn to us for promotion at a time when their online store is already under the «filter». In such cases, the optimizer begins its work on the project by lifting the sanctions. For example, during the work with an online store of goods for creativity, the optimizer analyzed all the links on the website and formed a list of «low-quality» links that were sent to Google for rejection. A month later, manual sanctions were removed from the project by Google. And after a year and a half, traffic has grown 5 times — from 300 to 1500 visitors per day. Read the details in the case «Promotion of an online store of goods for creativity».

Another example. We were contacted by an «Apple» online store in Kazakhstan. The store’s website used to be promoted with rental links, but now it has been sanctioned by Google. The optimizer lifted the sanctions in two weeks, but it took six months of promotion to restore the traffic that was before the filter was received. Find out more in the case «Promotion of an Apple online store».

Integrated internal optimization

We optimize the entire store website, not just the pages being promoted. We fix all the flaws of the SEO engine, clean up duplicate pages. We write unique texts on category and product pages.

All work on internal optimization and written texts remain with the client forever.

For example, the owner of an online shoe store felt the result immediately after we conducted an internal optimization audit and introduced the recommended edits. The active promotion of the online store has only increased the effect: traffic has grown from 40 to 800 visitors per day. Read more about the work on this project in the case «Promotion of an online shoe store».

Traffic is important

The best metric of the result of our work is the growth of targeted traffic. We focus specifically on increasing search traffic for targeted queries. This is what our clients receive.

Constant traffic growth

The number of visitors will not be fixed at the same level after six months of promotion but will grow all the time. According to our statistics, by 10-15% every month.

For example, we worked and continuously promoted an online store of motorcycle parts and motorcycle equipment. After 2.5 years of cooperation with us, traffic has grown from 150 to 2700 targeted visitors per day. Cooperate with us longer to achieve similar results :-)

Read more about this in the case of increasing traffic from 150 to 2700 in an online motorcycle store.

We have been working since 2006

During our work, we have promoted more than 2000 client websites. The company employs more than 50 qualified employees.

Do not need an employee to control

To evaluate the result of our work, it is enough to look at the attendance schedule yourself.

Our results

Successful stories of promoting our customers’ online stores.

What will we do to promote the online store?

Complex of internal works

We will check the online store for possible sanctions and filters applied by Google and Yandex search engines.

Analysis of the structure of the online store

  • We will analyze the subject matter and the catalog.
  • We will find missing pages.
  • We will draw up terms of reference for improving the structure to maximize coverage of the target audience.

Search and selection of keywords on the topic of the online store

  • We will find all possible key phrases by topic.
  • We will categorize key queries into semantic groups.
  • We will write individual meta tags for important pages.
  • We will create meta tag templates for all other types of online store pages.


  • We will write texts for all pages of the catalog.
  • We will make product descriptions unique to better rank low-frequency queries.

Comprehensive internal optimization

  • We will analyze website settings and errors in webmaster tools.
  • We will eliminate duplicate content.
  • We will optimize the filtering pages. We will leave for indexing only the «working» pages of the intersection of filters.
  • We will compile a robots.txt with an optimal list of rules.
  • We will fix «broken» links all over the website.
  • We will implement «smart» linking of internal pages of the website.
  • We will check the correctness of the server response in various situations.
  • We will optimize alt and title for images.
  • We will optimize the scheme for generating friendly URL addresses for pages.

External optimization

  • We will optimize the existing link mass of the online store. We will reject links from low-quality resources that violate the rules of the Google search engine.
  • We will only acquire eternal links from carefully selected quality resources.
  • We will register the website in the services of maps of search engines, Google and Yandex.

Setting statistics

  • We will install and configure goals in web analytics tools: Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica.
  • We will properly configure the tracking of transactions in Google Analytics.
  • We will set up tracking of the internal search for the online store.

The cost of promotion of online stores

Website promotion is carried out using hundreds and sometimes thousands of keywords. Many e-commerce topics are often highly competitive in the Ukrainian market. To achieve an effective result, the top 10 is not enough. It is necessary to promote the online store to the top 3 or top 1 for targeted high-frequency queries. This result can be achieved only by obtaining a large number of links to the promoted online store. We promote online stores using the principle of a split budget. You pay separately for the work on promoting your website and separately for links.

If you order the promotion of your online store in Aweb, you can be sure that every dollar spent on promotion will start to make a profit in the coming months.

Anna Zhurba
project manager

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