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Workplace and working conditions

Cabinet system with a comfortable workplace.

The workplace is equipped with 22+" monitors and modern PCs.

The company provides working equipment for remote work.

Flexible work schedule - employees independently manage their working hours based on their interests.

Fast and seamless Internet.

We provide a rental apartment for non-residents for the entire duration of the probationary period.

Room for professional growth

A training and orientation program has been developed and implemented in each department of the company. Newcomers are assigned a mentor during their probationary period.

Regular meetings with HR on all issues related to the development of soft skills which arise with the employee.

Being a premium Google partner, we hold regular seminars, organized by Google employees, as well as attend Google conferences in Ukraine and abroad.

Regular internal training seminars with projector and pizza at each department and between the departments.

The company covers all expenses for the services, required for work: Ahrefs, Semrash, Serpstat, etc.

Employees have an access to the corporate library and e-repository of knowledge and experience.

Comfortable office

Humidifiers and CO₂ sensors - we care about the health of our employees.

Office in the business center near Darnytska Square with canteen, gym, cafe, pharmacy and other facilities.

Dining area with microwave and refrigerator, complimentary tea of your choice, coffee machine, cookies, fruits and other snack options.

Tennis room in the office, lounge poufs.



Movies, team games, rope parks, barbecues, bowling, go-karting, paintball, winter and summer corporate events, and much more.

We cover the expenses for taxi rides, taken by our employees, who attend meetings with clients.

Official registration during the probationary period.

We organize annual voluntary flu vaccinations for employees at the company's expense.

Annual New Year's gifts for the employees of the company.

By joining our team, you will work in a team of people who are committed to success and united by one trade. We are proud of what we do and we are also proud of people who work with us.

Employee feedback

Aweb is probably the most comfortable place I've ever worked at! Very friendly team, caring management and excellent working conditions. The workplace is fully equipped so that you can work with the ultimate convenience: good chairs and two large monitors. Salary is always on time! I’d also like to note that there is not only sweets and cookies in the kitchen, but a full meal as well! That's the first time I've seen this in the workplace!)

Before that, I worked in a very harsh environment and worked overtime, so I was always feeling stressed and under extreme pressure. I was looking for something more relaxed to make a change in my work, and Aveb is exactly what I needed! They really care about their employees.

Thank you, Aweb! :)

Olga Birkovska Customer Support Specialist
“Aweb is exactly what I needed! They really care about their employees.”

I have been working at Aweb for 5.5 years: I started as an office manager, and a year later, the head of the customer service department offered me to try myself as an Account Manager. Following 4 months of studying materials and training under the supervision of experienced employees, I became an Account Manager. That is, Aweb provides the room for self-improvement, and the most important thing is to really desire it and use the opportunities.

Generally, I think that Aweb is a great place to work, where employees are provided everything they need for a comfortable work, self-growth and self-fulfillment:

  1. Comfortable workplace (need another monitor - no problem, if PC doesn't work - they will fix it, etc.).
  2. Flexible and convenient work format (you can work remotely, in the office, under the schedule that fits you, as long as the quality of work is good).
  3. Excellent CRM that is regularly improved at the request of employees.
  4. An excellent training base for new employees (mentor guides a newcomer for 3 months, everyone is provided access to an internal knowledge base, structured by the department, as well as the list of questions to check the understanding of important work processes, and there is also a library).
  5. All facilities for a comfortable office work are provided: a coffee machine, a kitchen, a horizontal bar, a tennis table, and a recreation area.
  6. A crystal-clear and adequate performance assessment system. First and foremost, it allows you to receive a good income, when you understand that everything you need is just to do your job well.
  7. Internal seminars are regularly held to increase the level of qualification.
  8. The work is always result-, rather than process-oriented or another meaningless "budget draining," this way, the meaning and sense of value of the work done is not lost.
  9. A wonderful friendly team that makes it a pleasure not only to work with, but also to spend the time outside of work.
  10. Finally, the most important thing is an adequate and unbiased management team who always take into account the employees’ opinions and are ready to explain their position.
Olena Lagunina Account Manager
“The work is always result-oriented, thus you never lose the meaning and sense of value when you are working.”

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