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Promotion of mobile applications to the TOP

According to the analytical company Pew Research Center, in 2019 59% of the adult population of the planet used smartphones, that is approximately 4.3 billion people. Analysts say that in 2020-2021 this figure will cross the 6 billion mark, increasing the proportion of active smartphone users to 75%. And these statistics do not take into account the fact that many users have tablets and other devices based on popular platforms (iOS and Android) in addition to smartphones.

Hundreds of apps for portable devices are released monthly. There are new games, services, shopping, content, social software, and much more. Despite the fact that they are all freely available on Google Play and App Store, not every app is downloaded by users.

Meanwhile, mobile app development requires colossal costs. If the software did not become in great demand or went completely unnoticed by users, the financial burden falls on the developer company. It is good if you have invested your funds in the development. In this case, you risk only your investments. But what if not?

In the face of fierce competition, it is impossible to conduct a successful business without promoting a app — ASO (App Store Optimization) in order to reach the user.

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Steps towards the user. What is the purpose of the app promotion?

Promotion of mobile apps is a set of measures aimed at increasing your app in the search results of Google Play and App Store.

The rules of Google Play and App Store are simple. If your app is not on the first 3-5 pages in the search results, it means that the user will never install your app, no matter how great functionality it may have.

There is another side of app promotion. If your app is in the first three places in the search results, but the icon of your software, name or low rating did not attract users, you will lose their attention.

Even if you manage to attract a user to the app page, it will be more difficult to force him or her to download it. Most apps have poor-quality descriptions. This is typical for developers who do not use professional translators to translate descriptions of their apps. Uninformative screenshots don’t help either. As a result, the user will leave the page and never return.

This means that the task of an app promotion specialist is to work out each stage of attraction and to correctly determine the target audience. It is also important to convey information about the product as fully as possible, using various tools to interest a potential user.

Oleg GavrilyukHead of optimizers
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Split Budget Promotion

  • We use safe promotion methods.
  • We work not only on positions but also on conversion.
  • We increase traffic in a month of work.
  • We allocate a working group of 4 specialists for the project.

Working group

Effective promotion work is possible only in a well-coordinated team of highly specialized experts.

Therefore, at least 2 collaborators will work on your project:

Project manager

The link between the client and the company. Listens to the client, understands his tasks, and controls the working group of the project.


Working to increase positions, conversion, and app downloads. Responsible for the result.


Studying your topic and writing texts necessary to promote the app.

Reference specialist

Gets links to the application page. Uses exchanges, application review websites, comments on websites, forums, and blogs.

Examples of effective ASO promotion

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«Aweb allows me to not worry about whole section of the business that otherwise I need to hire people to run»

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Our company is a certified Google Partner. We will ensure the promotion and continuous development of your website, which will attract a lot of new clients.

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Moving the app to the top: ranking rules

Despite the gigabytes of information, experiments and assumptions made, no one will give you the exact algorithm for reaching the top. This is because it is Apple and Google’s policy to allow apps to achieve leadership positions based on user votes, not marketers’ actions.

Our experts with experience in the promotion of applications have identified the main indicators. Here are some of them:

  • the relevance of the content on the app page to the search query;
  • the number of times the app was opened and how long it was working;
  • returns to the app on different days after installation;
  • total number of installations;
  • the number of deletions in the last 30 days;
  • the total number of deletions software;
  • user reviews and ratings;
  • the number of crashes and automatic closing of the app;
  • external links to the app from mentions and reviews on the web.

The main thing in the promotion of a mobile app

Despite the above general indicators, each of the app stores is governed by its policy, adhering to which they can promote apps. Among all, it is possible to identify common and major factors:

  • Memorable and simple name. It should reflect the essence of the app and its functionality.
  • Keywords used in the description by which a potential user will find your app.
  • App icon. It should be recognizable and display the functionality of the app.
  • High-quality screenshots with explanations to them. They will convince the user to install the software.
  • User ratings and reviews. According to statistics, before installing the app, each user reads at least three reviews from those who have already used it, paying increased attention to negative ones.

All these points need to be worked out even before the first release, so that the app has «solid ground» for subsequent ASO iterations. By the way, all stores support a policy of orderliness, so be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to quickly take a mobile app to the top. This is a long and delicate process, in which every subsequent step is important.

In addition, if there are suspicions of unfair competition at any stage, Google and Apple can lower the software rating or even remove it from the store.

To prevent this from happening, the promotion of a mobile app should be entrusted to professionals. For them, marketing is not a set of uncertainties, but a specific strategy, adhering to which your product will achieve its goal.

Promotion of apps from Aweb: clearly and at a loyal price

Aweb specialists offer you a mobile software promotion service so that you can concentrate on developing your product. Our professionals will take care of metrics, conversions, and other necessary data.

What are we doing:

  • we plan, describe, and agree on a strategy for promoting the app;
  • we create the necessary textual support for the app focusing on native speakers, so that in each country of promotion the text reaches its reader;
  • we monitor the effectiveness of the app in comparison with other software. If necessary, we formulate a list of items that need to be eliminated or modified;
  • we collect data for the semantic core using several services and more than 10 different parameters so that no position is left unattended;
  • we monitor the positions, descriptions, and use of keywords in competitors’ apps in order to cover all the data and interest the right audience;
  • we track the installed and approved KPIs for your app;
  • we post links to the app in various articles and reviews, as well as purchase high-quality «eternal» links to increase positions in the search results;
  • we promote the app using targeted advertising on social networks, attracting the target audience defined by you only;
  • we generate new ideas for creatives. Also we test and use a non-trivial approach to promotion.

The cost of promoting a mobile application

The issue of the cost of promotion is important and integral. We sign an agreement, where we indicate a complete list of works, agreed goals, and intermediate KPIs.

Our managers use fair pricing policy. That means you always know what you are paying for and can optimize costs based on a monthly report received from our specialists.

Contact us today so that thousands of users will use your application tomorrow!

Anna Zhurba
project manager

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