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ASA (Apple Search Ads) ads for apps in the App Store

Today, there are more than 1.5 million apps in the App Store, and this number is increasing every day thanks to the efforts of developers. To increase user engagement in your development and the number of installations, Aweb team offers the service for setting up Apple Search Ads.

What is Apple Search Ads (ASA)?

Apple Search Ads is an app ad in the App Store that works on a cost-per-tap model. Using this approach, you can not only attract new users but also increase the number of impressions of your app in the store.

Our team offers effective turnkey ASA campaign management using the cutting-edge methods, in-house developments, and extensive experience in working with the Apple App Store. Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of your project.

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ASA benefits

The benefits of Apple Search Ads (ASA) are not limited to the high quality of traffic and simple mobile attribution. There are more benefits that make ASA a great choice:

Precise targeting

ASA allows you to accurately define your audience, taking into account various parameters such as location, devices, interests, and others. This allows you to effectively target ads to your potential user segment.

Measurability and analytics

ASA provides detailed analytics and reporting that allows you to track campaign performance without the limitations of Apple's SKADNetwork mobile attribution system.

You can measure the number of downloads, conversions, and other key metrics to understand the effectiveness of your ad strategy.

Budget flexibility

ASA allows you to seamlessly customize and manage your advertising budget depending on your needs. You can allocate funds efficiently, manage costs, and optimize the benefits of your ad investment.

Source ranking №1

The highest score in terms of volume and value across the media in AppsFlyer Performance Index.

These advantages make Apple Search Ads a great tool for promoting your app on the App Store.

Challenges associated with Apple Search Ads

Lack of integration with mobile measurement partners (MMP)

ASA is not automatically integrated with mobile measurement partners, which may require extra efforts to track and assess the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Data analysis requires manual tracking in Excel or in-house business analytics tools

Users may need to manually track the outcomes of campaigns in such programs as Excel or in-house analytics tools to analyze the outcomes, which can make it way more complex.

Lack of optimization features for revenue and events in the app

ASA does not provide optimization option for revenue and in-app events, which may limit the ability to optimize campaign profitability.

Resource-intensive keyword research

Searching for and selecting keywords for ad campaigns may require a lot of efforts and resources.

Scaling up and expanding to new geographic regions is time-consuming

Expanding your ad budget to cover new geographic regions may require a lot of time and attention.

Lack of integration with social networks

ASA may not always provide integration with social platforms, which may limit the distribution of your ads in other popular channels of communication with your audience.

The need for continuous improvement of the strategy

Rapid changes in search engine algorithms and ASA settings may require a continuous improvement of the ad strategy to maintain the effectiveness of campaigns.

What can we offer in terms of turnkey ASA management?

Precise and strategic targeting

Our team takes into account all aspects of your target audience based on a thorough data analysis. We will create a precise targeting strategy to ensure that your ad messages reach those who are interested in your product or service.

Measurability and analytics

Our approach is based on a detailed measurability and analytics. We make use of advanced tools to track every single click, conversion, and spend. This allows you to clearly see the outcomes and make adjustments to optimize your strategy.

Evaluation of the results

We not only provide the reports, but also help you to analyze them. We evaluate the key performance indicators such as ROI, conversions, and cost per click so that you can clearly assess the impact of your ad campaign on your business.

Continuous improvement

Our approach is all about continuous improvement. By analyzing data and feedback, we are planning improvement strategies that will increase the effectiveness of your ads over time.

By using our services, you will receive not only an effective ASA management, but also a partnership focused on achieving your goals and maximizing your success.

Why you should launch ASA?

1. Increase in ASO conversions

ASA attracts high-quality traffic which is more likely to convert into app downloads. This may become the grounds for changing your ASO promotion strategy.

2. Extending the semantic core for ASO

When using broad or search match within Apple Search Ads, the system will automatically identify relevant search queries for your app. These keywords can be a valuable asset to your ASO strategy, allowing you to increase your app's visibility in organic search results.

3. Increasing the number and quality of your app's visitors

Statistics shows that conversion rates from Apple Search Ads are generally higher than those from other advertising channels. According to the research, users who search in the store while using ASA are more likely to complete the app download due to the fact that their intentions are already focused on finding a specific solution or a product.

4. Interception of traffic from competitors

ASA allows you to successfully compete for users' attention. It helps us to precisely target keywords being used by competitors and offer the users your app as an alternative. This will not only increase the visibility of your product, but also attract those who are actively looking for similar solutions.

5. Customizing the value of key queries

ASA allows you to use the key metrics such as Cost-Per-Tap, Conversion Rate, and Return on Ad Spend. Understanding which keywords bring the most value, you can allocate your budget to the most effective ad content.

What is the workflow for each ASA project?

Analysis of the needs

The first stage involves studying the client's needs and defining the primary project objectives. We actively cooperate with the client to understand their business goals and expectations within ASA framework.

Strategic planning

We define the strategic goals and tactics of the project, develop a detailed ASA plan, taking into account resources, timing, and risks, and ensuring efficient use of resources.

Introduction of innovations

We strive to apply advanced technologies and innovations to ensure project efficiency. This includes the use of latest developments, which contributes to the quality and competitiveness of the project.

Monitoring and assessment

We set up a system for monitoring and controlling the project's implementation. Regular analysis allows us to timely detect any issues and adjust the action plan to achieve the best performance.

Reporting and interaction with the client

We strive to ensure a high level of interaction with our clients at every stage. Regular meetings, reports and discussions help to ensure mutual understanding and take into account the customer's needs.

What are we doing within ASA?

We create Discovery and Exact campaigns

We develop two types of campaigns for each country - Discovery and Exact. This strategic decision allows us to advertise both for existing and new queries that may be of great interest to the audience.

We are using the SKAG-Based structure

We use an ad account structure based on SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups). This way, we group ads by a single keyword to get a detailed data on each phrase within the ad groups.

We regularly analyze Discovery campaigns

We regularly analyze new queries and search terms in Discovery Campaigns. This helps us to identify non-obvious points of contact with the target audience and increase the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

We monitor Exact campaigns

Should we detect any deviations in performance of the campaigns targeting the exact query, we immediately make adjustments and optimize them to ensure that the goals set are achieved.

We collect and analyze source data

We strive for clarity and transparency, so we carry out a detailed analysis of each ad campaign. Our team prepares the reports with recommendations on how to improve performance based on the data collected.

Oleg GavrilyukHead of ASA
Олег Гаврилюк Авеб Олег Гаврилюк Авеб

Promotion with a shared budget

  • We are using safe promotion methods.
  • We are working not only on the positions but on conversion as well.
  • We increase traffic and installations after a month of work.
  • We assign a working group to the project.

Working group

Effective promotion is only possible with a well-coordinated team of narrow-profile specialists.

For this reason, at least 2 team players will work on your project:

Project manager

A bridge between the client and the company. He will listen to the client, understand his tasks, and supervise the project team.

ASA specialist

He is responsible for the results in ASA.

Anna Zhurba
project manager

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