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Promotion of applications in Google Play

Over the past few years, Android devices have taken the peak of popularity and have no plans to give it up — the number of active users in the world has exceeded 2.5 billion. This means that the app market in Google Play is developing by leaps and bounds, offering users more interesting and useful software daily: games, organizers, tools for work and financial control, video clients, etc.

However, there are two "pillars" that make it impossible to earn much money without working on them: the highest level of competition in the store and increased demand on the part of users.

successful projects in 16 years

Everything is pretty much clear with the first one: when the first Android smartphone was released back in 2008, the number of apps for the OS barely reached a hundred, and users downloaded practically everything available for installation indiscriminately. However, today the number of applications has exceeded 3 million, and each of them is striving to win the trust and loyalty of the user, as well as increase earnings, since the development of applications has become extremely expensive.

The second "pillar" stems from the first one: with the existing variety of both high-end and fraudulent technologies, users have become extremely picky, so they carefully check everything that gets into their smartphones. Users have also started to value their time more, not straining themselves without a need, so if they haven't found your product on the first three to five pages of search results, they never will.

If you don't work on these issues, then your Android app — which is expensive and developed through trial and error — will be left far behind, getting lost in the whirlpool of competitive software. ASO (App Store Optimization) will help you to avoid this situation with the help of promotion of applications in the Play Market, the service offered by Aweb specialists.

Oleg GavrilyukHead of optimizers
Oleg Gavrilyuk Aweb Oleg Gavrilyuk Aweb

Split Budget Promotion

  • We use safe promotion methods.
  • We work not only on positions but also on conversion.
  • We increase traffic in a month of work.
  • We allocate a working group of 4 specialists for the project.

Working group

Effective promotion work is possible only in a well-coordinated team of highly specialized experts.

Therefore, at least 4 collaborators will work on your project:

Project manager

The link between the client and the company. Listens to the client, understands his tasks, and controls the working group of the project.


Working to increase positions, conversion, and app downloads. Responsible for the result.


Studying your topic and writing texts necessary to promote the app.

Reference specialist

Gets links to the application page. Uses exchanges, application review websites, comments on websites, forums, and blogs.

Examples of effective ASO promotion

Our clients

Video reviews of our clients

«Aweb allows me to not worry about whole section of the business that otherwise I need to hire people to run»

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen,
Global Fantasy Sports
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Simon Kaastrup-Olsen,

Global Fantasy Sports

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