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Automotive PPC Management Services

Drive Sales with Automotive PPC Management Services

Google advertising effectively helps increase the number of car service customers from the Internet. It is a flexible tool that allows you to consider the specifics of the business goals of the service station, the seasonality of services, and the characteristics of the target audience.

Aweb is a Google Premium Partner and is in the top 3% of the best advertising agencies in Ukraine. Over 15 years of successful practise, we have formed proven principles for working with advertising campaigns for car services, which we combine with the latest features of Google Ads.

How does contextual advertising increase the number of car service customers?

  1. Advertising in Google search - offer the services of your car service to those who are already looking for them.
  2. Remarketing - return customers with timely reminders of scheduled and seasonal car maintenance with contextual advertising ads.
  3. Integration of Google Ads and Google My Business - tell your potential customers about opening a new location in the right area, city, or region.
  4. Use Google Ads Auto Strategies to find leads that will bring you the most revenue.
  5. Google Banner Ads - Raise your brand awareness.
  6. Video advertising - tell about the benefits of your service and receive maintenance requests from the Internet.
successful projects in 16 years

Aweb takes into account the features of contextual advertising for a car service

The successful launch of advertising campaigns for over 15 years allows us to anticipate common mistakes in setting up contextual advertising for car service stations:

  1. For advertising, it is necessary to select services with a high margin and a sufficient number of requests on the Internet. Otherwise, you will receive less from attracted customers than you spend on clicks.
  2. The services that you advertise must have sufficient popularity on the Internet; otherwise, your ads will rarely be shown, and the number of customers will not be enough for your business.
  3. Each advertised service should have a separate landing page. Aweb specialists conduct an express audit of your site to ensure that it maximises your services' sales. If you don't, you're wasting money on clicks while your site drains potential customers.
  4. Some car services are regular. The Aweb team sets up the collection of customer lists and automatically displays ads exactly when you need to push your customers to sign up for the next car service procedures.

«Being a client of an agency with the status of a premium partner of Google is already an advantage. Premium partners receive exclusive support from a senior Google manager, access to the most comprehensive statistics, early updates, and access to beta versions of Google products.
Being a client of Aweb means getting the most effective advertising campaign.»

Galina Liman,
Head of contextual advertising department at Aweb

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«Aweb allows me to not worry about whole section of the business that otherwise I need to hire people to run»

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen,
Global Fantasy Sports
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Simon Kaastrup-Olsen,

Global Fantasy Sports

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Our company is a certified Google Partner. We will ensure the promotion and continuous development of your website, which will attract a lot of new clients.

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How to evaluate the effectiveness of contextual advertising for a car service?

To evaluate the results of contextual advertising, you need to understand how many clicks on an ad turned into orders. Therefore, the Aweb team pays great attention to setting up tracking statistics:

  1. During the project's launch, we set up tracking of calls and sent forms from the site using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. Thanks to this, you will have information about the number of hits received through ads.
  2. If necessary, we will help you set up call tracking through dynamic and static call tracking. It will allow you to clearly understand how many calls came through contextual advertising and how many came through a flyer or billboard advertising.
  3. If you use CPM, Aweb specialists will help you set up automatic data transfer to the Google Ads advertising account. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive report on the return on investment in contextual advertising and will be able to make strategic decisions based on credible data.

In what form does Aweb provide reports on the effectiveness of advertising for service stations?

In what form does Aweb provide reports on the effectiveness of advertising for car service stations?

After the first period of cooperation, we provide a report in Google Data Studio format. Aweb specialists set up the import of data from your Google Analytics account and Google Ads account into the report. Thus, you can view the performance indicators of advertising campaigns for the period you are interested in at a convenient time. The number of clicks and received conversions, the cost of the conversion, all this will be visualized in a convenient, readable format:

Every month, we write down a list of work performed to set up and optimize advertising campaigns and planned work for the next period in your account.

If you need to add some specific indicators to your monthly report or receive an additional unscheduled report, our specialists will prepare the data in a format convenient for you.

What are the stages of setting up advertising campaigns for car service stations?

Before starting to prepare ads, Aweb specialists immerse themselves in your company's business processes. They clarify the benefits of your services, the nuances that customers pay attention to when making a decision, work schedule, communication methods, etc.

After reviewing all the introductory information, the team proceeds to prepare advertising campaigns. At each stage, we coordinate all steps with you:

  1. determine the list of services for advertising.
  2. fix goals for advertising campaigns (calls, sent forms, etc.)
  3. select requests for which your ads will be shown.
  4. compose ad texts and prepare banners or videos.
  5. agree on the budget for clicks and provide preliminary forecasts of results.
  6. set up goal tracking on your website.
  7. check landing pages: the operation of buttons and forms, the quality of information on the pages, the correctness of the page structure, etc.
  8. launch advertising campaigns, track indicators, and carry out optimization work.

Aweb is a reliable digital partner for car service stations. Order a consultation with our manager and find out how contextual advertising can be useful for your company.

Anna Zhurba
project manager

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