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Google Ads is a flexible tool that helps clinics find new patients, taking into account the seasonality of demand, office workload, and other nuances inherent in the medical field.

How contextual advertising helps to increase the profit of the clinic?

  1. Finds new patients for you on the Internet.
  2. Tells your customers about new services or locations.
  3. Increases the number of appointments with specialists.
  4. Increases your brand awareness.
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What are the features of setting up advertising for clinics?

  1. The quality of the selected requests for showing ads.
  2. Your clinic’s ads will be seen by those users who search the Internet for the services of your specialists, for example, by requesting “make an appointment with a dermatologist” or “proctologist Kyiv”. When setting up advertising campaigns, our specialists select only those requests that can bring new patients to you. We save your budget from draining information requests that do not give an understanding of the user's intentions.

  3. Auditing your site's landing pages
  4. The Aweb team will analyze your site's landing pages and provide recommendations for improving them if necessary. This will allow you to get the maximum result from contextual advertising.

  5. Optimal ad formats for advertising medical services
  6. Depending on the goals you need to achieve for your business, our specialists will set up and launch the most effective set of ads. They can be in the form of text, images, videos, or a Google My Business card.

  7. Bypassing Google's Bans on Medical
  8. Ads Clinic ads may be rejected by Google Ads moderators if they are related to prohibited topics. For example, birth control - contraceptives and fertility treatments are prohibited from advertising. Often the system blocks entire advertising campaigns because of a single word somewhere on the site. Aweb specialists are attentive not only to the selection of keywords but also to the revision of the site so that all ads of our clients successfully pass Google verification.

«Being a client of an agency with the status of a premium partner of Google is already an advantage. Premium partners receive exclusive support from a senior Google manager, access to the most comprehensive statistics, early updates, and access to beta versions of Google products.
Being a client of Aweb means getting the most effective advertising campaign.»

Galina Liman,
Head of contextual advertising department at Aweb

Examples of Google Ads effectiveness

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«Aweb allows me to not worry about whole section of the business that otherwise I need to hire people to run»

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen,
Global Fantasy Sports
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Simon Kaastrup-Olsen,

Global Fantasy Sports

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Stages and terms of launching advertising campaigns

1st STAGE Setting up advertising campaigns. This period usually takes from 7 to 14 days.

2nd STAGE After the launch of advertising campaigns, Google Ads algorithms collect data and form a portrait of the behavior of those users who are more likely to become your customers. This period usually lasts from 5 days, depending on the budget for clicks and the region of advertising.

STAGE 3 The system shows your ad only to those who google your target query, matches the generated portrait, and demonstrates the intention to order a service or make an appointment with a doctor. Google Ads algorithms determine intent by continuously analyzing more than 8 million user signals on the Internet.

After the launch of advertising campaigns, our specialists constantly optimize the work of the advertising account in order to increase the effectiveness of advertisements and achieve the agreed goals. Our team monitors and corrects all the information on the basis of which Google Ads algorithms look for your customers from all users on the Internet. This allows you to reduce the training period of automated bid strategies to a minimum, and maintain the efficiency at its acceptable maximum.

What campaign reports does Aweb provide?

For a convenient analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, Aweb specialists provide a monthly report in the Google Data Studio format.

In this report you can get acquainted with the main indicators of all advertising campaigns for any period, starting from the first month of cooperation with Aweb.

Thanks to the permanent link to this dynamic document, you can view the data at any time convenient for you without having to request a report and wait for the manager to prepare it.

We always listen to the requests of our clients, and if you need to include additional parameters in the report that are not included in our basic set, our specialists will add the indicators you are interested in.

What ad formats are suitable for advertising medical services?

  1. Text Ads - Displayed in Google search results, the most popular ad format to catch people in the moment of choosing a doctor or clinic.
  2. Image ads help to tell about your services, promotions, or new locations to those who fit the portrait of your potential customers.
  3. Video is a convenient format for the intensive attraction of new patients, it allows you to quickly and concisely tell about all the advantages of your clinic.
  4. Google My Business card - ads that will tell about your clinic to everyone who is looking for your services in their vicinity through Google.

The process of setting up advertising campaigns for a clinic

  1. You determine which clinic services you want to advertise.
  2. We coordinate with you the goal for advertising campaigns: calls, form submissions, advertising ROI target, etc.
  3. We select queries through which people google these services. We coordinate them with you so that you can be sure that all selected queries are suitable.
  4. We compose the text of ads or prepare a banner and/or video together with you.
  5. We provide an initial forecast of possible results based on the selected click budget.
  6. We launch advertising campaigns, monitor their effectiveness, compare them with your internal statistics on queries and records - adjust the work of advertising campaigns.

Each of our clients has a project manager from Aweb who constantly monitors that your clinic's advertising works to achieve your goals: whether it is the number of appointments with a particular specialist or the total number of visits to the clinic. The manager is the link that helps transform business goals into tasks for contextual advertising specialists.

How to track the effectiveness of contextual advertising for clinics?

Many parameters can be tracked in the Google Ads account, but it is important to understand how to interpret them in order to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Aweb specialists are more focused on the cost of a received visit to the clinic than on the cost of a click on an ad. This is because you can get 1000 clicks at the price of 1 hryvnia, which will turn into 1 client of your clinic. And you can get 5 clicks at a price of 20 hryvnia, which will turn into 4 customers. As a result, in the first case, a new client costs you UAH 1,000, and in the second - UAH 25, so the cost of a click was 20 times higher.

Therefore, when optimizing advertising campaigns, first of all, we control the cost of attracting a new client for your clinic. All other indicators: cost per click, CTR, percentage of received impressions, etc. - are markers that allow you to understand the picture as a whole, but they are not the main goals of advertising campaigns.

Aweb is a reliable partner for medical companies, order a consultation from our manager and find out how contextual advertising can be useful for your business.

Anna Zhurba
project manager

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