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SEO at the stage of developing a new website

As a rule, when ordering a website, 90% of customers are guided only by their vision of the finished product. They ignore its further promotion on the Web and turn to SEO specialists only after the website development is finished. This leads to the fact that the finished product does not meet the requirements of search engines. As a result, the website has to be edited by increasing the attractiveness for search engines, fixing flaws, and rising to the top.

That is why we advise you to implement SEO recommendations at the stage of development. This will increase the competitiveness of the website by increasing its position in the search engine results. It also helps to save money, since the cost of optimization at the «zero» stage is much lower.

As a result, the team that you involve to work on the website should, on average, have 4 people:

successful projects in 16 years

7 advantages of optimization at the stage of development of the website:

  1. Creation of a structure that takes into account further search engine promotion. Ignoring the requirements of search engines in the future leads to a decrease in the search ranking of the resource. As a result, your business will receive less profit.
  2. Creation of a website that is completely focused on the Instructions for Google Assessors. We, as a premium partner of Google, know better than others that this leads to «ignoring» the website or some of its pages by the search engine.
  3. Analysis of competitors to choose the most effective strategy for website promotion. Our experts take into account all aspects of making your website a source of profit as soon as possible. They study the positions of competitors and analyze their niches, set up goals and landing pages, work out groups of requests, and analyze the most popular products or services.
  4. Opportunity to save on the implementation of software edits. Redoing is much more expensive than writing a technical assignment for programmers at the development stage.
  5. The possibility of technical optimization of the website before its launch. This will save the most expensive resource — time, because you can start the active stage of promotion immediately after the release.
  6. Search engine filtering insurance. At the development stage, it is much easier and cheaper to insure against filtering. In addition, you do not have to spend time on the lifting of sanctions. Accordingly, the website will start working for your business as quickly as possible.
  7. Organization of correct domain change (for projects that are already working and developing). Many business owners are casual about this point, and for good reason. An incorrect «move» of the website can cause serious damage to it, destroying the developments in which you invested energy, money, and human resources. The same applies to the wrong choice of domain for the «move». Before buying it, you need to study its history and previously promoted projects. For example, if sites hosted on the domain were promoted using «black» or «gray» methods previously, this can lead to pessimization of the website by search engines. Our optimizers will help you to correctly arrange the «move». They will purchase a good domain and organize support for the process. This way you will not lose important data and launch the site as quickly as possible.

Special offers for clients

Free strategy session to determine the direction of business development.

Free strategy session to determine the direction of business development.

20% discount for the 1st month of search engine promotion.

20% discount for the 1st month of search engine promotion.

Free express audit for search engine promotion, contextual advertising.

Free express audit for search engine promotion, contextual advertising.

+2000 UAH for clicks in Google Edwards.

+2000 UAH for clicks in Google Edwards.

Oleg GavrilyukSupervisor
Oleg Gavrilyuk Aweb Oleg Gavrilyuk Aweb

Split Budget Promotion

  • We use safe promotion methods.
  • We post quality eternal links.
  • We optimize the entire website, not individual pages.
  • We significantly increase targeted traffic.
  • We allocate a working group of 2 specialists for the project.

Working group

Effective promotion work is possible only in a well-coordinated team of highly specialized experts. Therefore, at least 2 collaborators will work on your project:


The link between the client and the company. Listens to the client, understands his tasks, controls the working group of the project.


Working to increase search traffic. Responsible for the result.

Examples of effective promotion

Our clients

Video reviews of our clients

«Aweb allows me to not worry about whole section of the business that otherwise I need to hire people to run»

Simon Kaastrup-Olsen,
Global Fantasy Sports
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Simon Kaastrup-Olsen,

Global Fantasy Sports

Winners in the nomination

Search Innovation Google Premier Partner Awards

Our company is a certified Google partner. We will ensure the promotion and continuous development of your website, which will attract a lot of new clients.

Google Premier Partner Awards

Stages of work


Collecting the semantic core:

  • selection of relevant requests for website pages;
  • collection of search tips and similar queries;
  • collection of data from services for the selection of keywords;
  • clustering keywords by landing pages.


Formation of the website structure:

  • analysis of the structure of competitors’ websites;
  • analysis of demand based on the semantic core;
  • drawing up recommendations for the formation of the structure of the website;
  • visualization of the website structure using a mind map.


Internal optimization recommendations:

  • generating a robots.txt file;
  • formation of friendly URL addresses;
  • optimization of pagination pages;
  • recommendations for the formation of sitemap.xml;
  • setting up server response codes;
  • composing tags (Title, Description, H1) for all pages of the website;
  • organization of the correct structure of titles on the page;
  • optimization of images for search engines;
  • semantic markup of website elements;
  • using the hreflang attribute to indicate language versions;
  • recommendations for working with Google My Business;
  • using the rel="canonical" tag;
  • optimization of the mobile version of the website;
  • restriction of website indexing;
  • recommendations for speeding up the website;
  • optimization of outbound links from the website;
  • setting up basic redirects;
  • using of JavaScript and Flash;
  • general recommendations.


Drawing up recommendations for writing content, an example of a technical assignment for a copywriter.


Answers to questions on the provided report on the work performed.


Checking the implementation of changes.

Anna Zhurba
project manager

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