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      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center

      Author: Andrii Lehkobyt
      Head of SEO


      A multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment centre in one of the regional centres in western Ukraine, providing a wide range of medical services for adults and children

      Our Task

      Growth of positions and targeted search traffic in priority areas:

      Background, Project’s Features

      Region: one of the regional centers of western Ukraine and the region

      Search engine: Google

      Site platform: CMS based on YII framework

      Language: Ukrainian, Russian

      Start of work: May 2021

      Niche Analysis

      The medical niche in this region has an average level of competition — ranking in the top 10 for specific search requests:

      Competitor Analysis

      At the stage of accepting the project, our experts carried out a comparative analysis of the basic metrics of the promoted site and competitors (all data taken from the Ahrefs.com service):

      Domain DR Referring domains Traffic Key phrases #11–100 Key phrases #4–10 Key phrases #1–3
      A website to be promoted 21 105 33800 1000 600 450
      Competitor No. 1 44 250 34300 6600 810 460
      Competitor No. 2 13 52 4100 1500 64 207
      Competitor No. 3 2 29 12000 3000 276 163
      Competitor No. 4 1 113 4100 976 67 40
      Competitor No. 5 4 85 2100 43 24 35

      As you can see, compared to competitors, the initial situation is quite high: the clinic's website ranks in the top positions for a lot of keywords and has the second-highest traffic from organics among competitors.

      As far as the link factor is concerned, the domain being promoted is inferior to the main competitor in terms of quality and number of backlinks.

      Based on the situation, we decided to work in two directions:

      1. Maintaining and improving existing positions for priority keywords
      2. Expanding the structure and creating new landing pages for additional organic traffic growth

      Work Process

      Internal Optimisation

      At the beginning of the work, we carried out a detailed technical audit of the site to identify critical errors in internal optimization, checking it due to 44 points. The site needed improvement on 19 items, 12 of which have high priority.

      A list of all the recommendations:

      Implementation Check result Priority Implementer
      1. IP site analysis Modify High Programmer
      2. Checking the site for viruses, malicious scripts, and blacklisting Modify High Programmer
      3. Domain history analysis by WhoIs and web.archive ОК
      4. Checking for elements that could negatively affect user interaction with the site ОК
      5. Checking that SEO-Friendly URLs are in place and formed correctly ОК
      6. Checking the bonding of mirrors and full duplicates ОК
      7. Checking for full duplication of content Modify High Programmer
      8. Checking for technical pages, pages with or without duplicate content in the index Modify High Programmer
      9. Checking server responses to page requests are correct ОК
      10. Checking page code for HTML and CSS errors Modify Low Programmer
      11. Checking the presence and errors in the SSL certificate Modify High Programmer
      12. Checking for hidden or spammy links to external resources ОК
      13. Checking that the robots.txt file is set up correctly Modify High Programmer
      14. Connecting Google Tag Manager (GTM) ОК
      15. Connecting the Google Search Console ОК
      16. Connecting GA ОК
      17. Checking the Sitemap.xml Modify средний Programmer
      18. Checking CSS and JS availability ОК
      19. Checking for microformats Modify High Programmer
      20. Checking for social media buttons Modify Low Programmer
      21. Checking website load speed Modify High Programmer
      22. Checking the availability and optimization of multilingualism ОК
      23. Checking the availability of a mobile version of the website ОК
      24. Checking the adaptability of the site on different types of devices Modify средний Programmer
      25. Checking that text content output is correct ОК
      26. Stat.Aweb content tracking in the SEO monitor Modify Low Programmer
      27. Checking whether pages have the elements (commercial factors) necessary for ranking in a given subject ОК
      28. Checking for partial duplication of content ОК
      29. Eliminate the removal of irrelevant services Modify High Programmer
      30. Checking for content in the code of pages that is not displayed on website pages ОК
      31. Checking the indexing of reviews on the website ОК
      32. Displaying pages with JavaScript disabled ОК
      Content Check result Priority Implementer
      33. Checking for affiliates ОК
      34. Checking geo-settings in the Google Search Console ОК
      35. Checking that the meta tags are formed correctly Modify High Programmer
      36. Checking the availability of landing pages for SC ОК
      37. Checking the availability and uniqueness of the content on the website ОК
      38. Checking text content optimization Modify High Programmer
      39. Checking the availability of content formatting ОК
      Structure and linking Check result Priority Implementer
      40. Checking the availability of the breadcrumb menu ОК
      41. Checking cross-linking on the website Modify Medium Programmer
      42. Checking for broken links ОК
      Usability Check result Priority Implementer
      43. Usability Modify Medium Programmer
      44. Checking the site for compliance with the guidelines for assessors Modify High Optimizer

      The specification was implemented by our specialists in two phases over a period of 2 months.

      Checking The Site Compliance With The Assessors Guidelines

      In the medical niche, EAT factors (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) are extremely important. We have analyzed these website factors and made recommendations on how to improve them.

      An approximate list of improvements we have made to the website is provided next.

      Pages of the Services section:

      Service pages:

      Link Profile

      As you know, external website optimization is extremely important, especially given the competition in the medical niche.

      First of all, our experts conducted an audit of the existing link mass, analyzing all donors by Ahrefs and Search Console, and rejecting low-quality platforms using the Google Disavow Tool.

      At the start of the work, the site being promoted had these indicators:

      During a year of promotion we received 187 links placed on 102 unique domains. Every month we published 10-15 links to the promoted domain on quality donors.

      We started posting articles from regional thematic and media sites, gradually moving to top thematic and all-Ukrainian mass media.

      Screenshot of the growth graph for donor domains and organic traffic in ahrefs.com:


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 1


      All donors are thoroughly checked by our experts using our own donor quality scoring model.

      Semantic Core And Content

      With these goals in mind, over the 17 months of work on the project, we assembled a semantic core of 1,587 targeted commercial requests, divided into 187 semantic groups.



      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 2


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 3


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 4


      Based on the collected SC, our experts prepared the tasks to revise existing texts or write new ones.

      The written texts met all the requirements of expertise and authority — the information was presented in an encyclopedic form and provided comprehensive answers to all the users' questions on the topic. In addition, the articles and descriptions were supplemented with visual content: images, videos, and ‘before and after’ photos.

      An example of the structure of a textual description of a service page:

      For each page, our experts wrote optimized meta tags, title and description, including the necessary keywords, and added emoji to increase CTR.

      Examples of snippets from priority requests:


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 5


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 6


      Structure Extending

      We made recommendations to expand the structure of categories and subcategories for clinic services to cover all search requests.

      For example, for the Ultrasound category, after modifications, the structure was as follows:


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 7



      In 17 months of work on the project, our experts have managed to increase the percentage of output of priority category requests:

      The number of ranking requests:


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 8


      Below, in the screenshots, examples of positions for several priority groups are presented.


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 9


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 10


      67% of requests in Top 3 for a multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic center 11


      Bringing the site's pages to the top 3 for existing and newly created pages respectively increased the site's traffic.

      Free search traffic in May 2022 increased by 1% compared to the same period last year (the situation in the country is worth considering), due to the increase in the visibility of the project, the subsidence of traffic due to the war was covered.

      Free search traffic in August 2022 was up 11% compared to the same period last year.

      What Next


      Despite the fact that competition in the niche is constantly increasing, and strong competitors are ranking at the top, our team managed to take the expected positions and achieve our traffic growth targets.

      Key success factors:

      Client’s feedback:

      We are not new to working on promoting our website. We value a personal approach, but we also have our own vision, so the work must be in line with our values. We are demanding, so every action has to answer the question "why." We respect the users of the clinic's website, so, for the sake of caring for people, information authenticity and convenience are important.

      We are glad that Aweb has become our partner because the company understands the values of our cooperation and what we work for. I can say with certainty that the advantages of our work are consistency, transparency of processes, comprehensiveness, and good communication. And most importantly, the result itself.

      There have been several occasions when extra work needed to be done urgently, and it is pleasing that the manager and team then responded quickly.

      I also note that there has been an understanding of the difficulties of working since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

      Developing a website is always a collaboration; you cannot put all the responsibility solely on the contractor, because it is a team effort where everyone has to work together. Thank Aweb for taking on part of the responsibility. I wish you success!

      - Anna Ovsyankina, Marketing Specialist

      Project Participants

      Project Manager: Oleksandra Nesina

      Optimizer: Lehkobyt Andrii

      Link Specialist: Yevhen Fedchenko