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      6x traffic growth for "Study in Poland" niche

      Author: Yurii Oshchapovskyi
      Head of SEO


      The educational center, which provides support for applicants to study in Poland, has more than 25 offices in different Ukrainian cities, with official representatives of the admission committee of Polish universities.

      Having more than 15 partner universities, this center is an official representative of their admission committee.

      Our goal

      Improvement of positions and traffic in priority directions:

      Input data:

      Region: Ukraine

      Start of work: February, 22 2022

      Language: Ukrainian

      Search engine: Google

      Seasonality: The peak season is from mid-July to October

      Difficulties encountered during the project

      The competition in the selected niche is particularly high: the top-10 is so well-established that even when Google's algorithms change, the competing sites have not fallen out of the top. It is extremely hard to "move" someone out of the top.

      Competitor and niche analysis

      Our experts have studied the niche in detail, selecting competitors with the help of Ahrefs.com:

      Target Domain Rating Domains Total Backlinks Total Keywords Total Traffic
      Client's website






      Competitor 1






      Competitor 2






      Competitor 3






      Competitor 4






      Competitor 5






      Unfortunately, the link mass quality of our project is lower than that of most competitors. The number of links is optimal, yet it is important to continue building them up, since our competitors are doing link building on a regular basis, and in order to "move" them from the top, we have to do more and perform better than them.

      Searching for site growth points

      Based on the priorities of the client, we have studied the possible points of growth and identified the most frequent and appropriate ones:

      Working process

      Semantic core and working with the content

      All of our proposed growth points were agreed upon with the client, and the team started collecting the semantic core and clustering. We collected a total of more than 40 semantic groups.


      6x traffic growth for Study in Poland niche 1


      Having collected the Semantic Core, we studied the current positions of the site pages and made a decision on revising or writing new content. The optimizers drafted the terms of reference for writing and re-optimizing existing texts, and copywriters promptly proceeded to the task.

      Technical audit of the website

      We accepted the site for promotion with a fairly large number of errors.The technical audit consisted of 45 items, including 28 where we found errors and areas for improving the site.

      For all errors, the team prepared a detailed ToR for implementation.

      Program implementation Inspection result Priority Contractor
      1. IP website analysis correct high software engineer
      2. Checking the website for viruses, malicious scripts, and blacklisting correct high software engineer
      3. Domain history analysis on WhoIs and web.archive ОК
      4. Checking for the elements that may negatively impact user's interaction with the website ОК
      5. Recommendations for migrating the site to a new CMS correct high software engineer
      6. Checking for availability and correctness of forming SEO-Friendly URLs (human-readable URL) correct high software engineer
      7. Checking for the gluing of mirrors and complete duplications correct high software engineer
      8. Checking for a complete duplication of content correct high software engineer
      9. Setting up canonical URLs correct high software engineer
      10. Checking for technical pages, pages with duplicate content, or with no content in the index correct high software engineer
      11. Checking for correctness of the server's responses to the page request correct high software engineer
      12. Checking the page code for HTML and CSS errors correct high software engineer
      13. Checking for availability and errors in SSL certificate correct high software engineer
      14. Checking for hidden or spam links to external resources correct high software engineer
      15. Checking for the correctness of robots.txt file set up correct high software engineer/content manager
      16. Connect GWT ОК
      17. Connect GA ОК
      18. Check Sitemap.xml correct high software engineer
      19. Checking for CSS and JS availability ОК
      20. Checking microformats ОК
      21. Checking social media buttons ОК
      22. Checking website loading speed correct high software engineer
      23. Checking for the availability and optimization of multilingualism correct high software engineer
      24. Checking for mobile version of the website correct high software engineer
      25. Checking for the website customization on other devices correct high software engineer
      26. Checking for the correct output of the text content ОК
      27. Checking the adaptability of the site on different types of devices correct high software engineer
      28. Tracking Stat.Aweb content in the SEO-monitor correct low software engineer
      29. Checking for the elements (commercial factors) on the pages required for ranking in this topic correct high software engineer
      30. Checking for the partial content duplication ОК
      31. Eliminate the removal of irrelevant and out-of-stock items correct high software engineer
      32. Checking for the content pages in the code, which is not displayed on the site pages, comparing the content with cache. ОК
      33. Is the content visible with the JavaScript turned off ОК
      34. Checking the site for compliance with the requirements of the Instructions for Assessors correct high software engineer


      Program implementation Inspection result Priority Contractor
      35. Checking for affiliates correct high software engineer
      36. Checking GCS geo-settings ОК
      37. Checking for the correctness of forming meta tags correct high software engineer
      38. Checking for availability of landing pages for semantic core correct high software engineer
      39. Checking for availability and uniqueness of the web content correct high software engineer
      40. Checking for the text content optimization correct high software engineer
      41. Checking for availability of content formatting ОК

      Structure and re-linking

      Program implementation Inspection result Priority Contractor
      42. Checking for availability of "bread crumbs" correct high software engineer
      43. Checking for re-linking on the website correct high software engineer
      44. Checking for indexed, optimized filter pages ОК
      45. Checking for the broken links ОК

      Building up an external link mass

      Since the site's DR is not high, the first thing we did was to review all the links the site has, rejecting low-quality ones using Google Search Console.

      Then we started selecting donors and gradually built up quality links

      In addition to the standard linkbuilding methods we generally use, the team also used:

      Results on the project

      After about a year of working on the promotion, our team managed to achieve great results, and the last Google update showed that we were moving in the right direction and used exactly those ways of optimization, which are important for the search engine.

      Group «Study in Poland»

      The top priority group for the client, which he always emphasized. Reaching the top 10 was not difficult, yet it took around 10 months of work on the internal and external optimization of the page to reach the top 2.


      6x traffic growth for Study in Poland niche 2


      Group «Universities in Poland»


      6x traffic growth for Study in Poland niche 3


      Group «Cost of study in Poland»


      6x traffic growth for Study in Poland niche 4


      Group «Study in Poland for Ukrainians upon the completion of 11th grade»


      6x traffic growth for Study in Poland niche 5


      Group «Universities of Warsaw»


      6x traffic growth for Study in Poland niche 6


      Group «Vistula University»


      6x traffic growth for Study in Poland niche 7


      Group «Cosmetology doctor, training in Poland»


      6x traffic growth for Study in Poland niche 8



      The team managed to achieve excellent results during a year of promotion. According to the ahrefs.com service, there has been a 6x increase in traffic since the start of the promotion.


      6x traffic growth for Study in Poland niche 9


      The actual data in Google Analytics differs from Ahrefs, but in general, a serious positive dynamics is the same. Such results were achieved thanks to an integrated approach to the promotion of the project.

      Project participants

      Project Managers: Oleksandra Nesina

      Optimizer: Yurii Oshchapovskyi

      Linker: Yevhen Fedchenko