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      Google Ads + Sex is Good - 6 Months of Deep Dive into the World of Adult Toys

      Author: Oleksandr Shylin
      Context Specialist
      Head of PPC specialists


      Online store of goods for adults Sex Is Good.

      Positioning: quality sex toys at affordable prices.

      The main feature: the date of the online store launch was the same as the date of the work start. Respectively, the responsibility was twice as high since the client entrusted us with a “newborn” business.

      Before getting straight to the point, it is important to mention some of the aspects that make sex shop promotion different from any other e-commerce project.

      1. Google Ads has restrictions on the promotion of products for adults (details are described in the reference).

      Without going into lengthy explanations, the only available format of work is search ads.

      Without going into lengthy explanations, the only available format of work is search ads

      This means that the launch of a new online store had to be:

      *Today, we have found a solution — our team is testing it.

      1. High, no, very high level of competition.

      Below we present data on auction statistics for the first month of the activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with an impressive advertising budget. And we got less than 25% impressions.

      And we got less than 25% impressions

      1. A large number of fake orders.

      Since sex toys are still widely regarded as something shameful and perverted in society, immature teenage (and sometimes not teenage!) minds play pranks by leaving orders at an adult store with a friend’s number.

      At this point, we consider the retreat is completed. Now, with more understandable niche specifics, the reading process will become more exciting for you.

      Work Period

      We carried out active work on the project from 01.05.2021 to 30.11.2021.

      To evaluate the effectiveness of the work carried out in dynamics, we will compare the results of the first and last maintenance periods:

      1. First full maintenance period 01.05.2021-31.05.2021
      2. Last (at the time of case writing) full period of maintenance 01.11.2021-30.11.2021

      The goal of the project announced at the beginning of cooperation was

      to get the maximum possible number of transactions within a fixed budget for clicks.

      Stages of Work

      Express audit of the site in terms of UI/UX and readiness of the resource to receive commercial traffic.

      On projects with a history, auditing is much easier, since recommendations for implementing changes can be backed up with actual data from Google Analytics. After implementation is completed, the effect can be evaluated. Since the sexgood.com.ua domain had no history at the start of work and our recommendations could not be backed up with statistics, our team postponed the implementation of some changes. The client’s decision not to implement all the recommendations at the start of the project was quite understandable and logical, since the project was launched from scratch, and unforeseen expenses could significantly delay the moment of its reaching self-sufficiency.

      Inconvenience in using the size selection element in the product card. In the basic version, the size of the product was not visible and the letter designation (S/M/L/XL) was not indicated on the size selection elements.

      Basic UX/UI errors were identified on the site

      Language versions errors were incorrect translation of navigation elements, notifications of forms submissions

      Technical errors were displaying code snippets and incorrect elements

      Sexshop Promotion Strategy Using Google Ads, the First Period of Work on Setting up and Optimizing Campaigns.

      Having compared the input data and wishes of the client, the specifics of the niche and the experience of the project team (PPC-specialist, project manager, technical leader), we outlined and fixed the main points, on the basis of which we subsequently took all actions on the project:

      In the First Period, our Specialists:

      The image below shows an example of a scheme for one of the categories

      Since it was necessary to launch all categories in a short time, we decided to build the account structure as follows:

      1. in the first period: campaign = category on the site; ad group = subcategory on the site;

      2. in the next periods, based on performance data, we displayed the subcategories with the best results in separate campaigns;

      3. subcategories in individual campaigns were divided into groups by brand/purpose/material/popularity.

      This structure applies to both standard search campaigns and DSA campaigns.

      Results of the first promotion period 01.05.2021 — 31.05.2021 were as follows:

      Results of the first promotion period 01.05.2021 — 31.05.2021 were as follows

      Key Aspects that Significantly Affect the Effectiveness of Contextual Advertising

      Dynamics of the main indicators for the project for 6 months from the date of launch

      Dynamics of the main indicators for the project for 6 months from the date of launch

      1. June

      1. July

      1. August

      1. September

      1. October

      1. November

      The Results of the Last Full Promotion Period (at the time of case writing):

      The Results of the Last Full Promotion Period (at the time of case writing)

      In 6 months of optimization, without increasing the budget for clicks, our team managed to achieve the following results:

      Summing up the interim results of the project, the team identified the main factors that made it possible to achieve such results, which are discussed below.

      Client Interaction:

      Experiments and Tools:

      1. the “Impressions on Display Network” feature for search campaigns allows you to reduce the cost per conversion, on average, by 15-18%;

      2. using a broad match type in conjunction with automatic strategies allows you to increase the number of conversions without increasing their cost (despite a significant layer of strange/irrelevant queries). The main difficulty is not to stop testing ahead of time. On the sexgood project, the first 2 weeks of testing with a wide keyword match type, advertising campaigns collected a huge number of impressions for junk queries (there were not so many clicks that it became critical in terms of costs), but after 14 days, the algorithm learned enough to discard non-targeted auctions — and we noticed a positive effect from the experiment;

      3. Unique and relevant ads extensions for a category or a specific product increase the conversion rate. Texts must be prepared in such a way as to prevent the client’s questions about the product at the stage of the first touch;

      4. the overall budget for campaigns and creating groups with a performance goal not only simplifies account management but also increases the effectiveness of automatic strategies;

      5. Feeds with commercial data are a tool that can reduce the time spent on account management by at least 30%.

      Project Participants: