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      More than 2x Increase in Conversions for a Local Medical Clinic

      Author: Oksana Makhinich
      PPC Specialist
      Head of PPC specialists


      Private medical and surgical center in Dnipro provides services in surgery, oncology, urology, gynecology, traumatology, gastroenterology, ENT pathology, plastic surgery.

      Work Period

      The work was carried out from 01/07/2017 until today.

      Our Tasks

      Attracting targeted traffic to the website for the sale of clinic services.

      Getting maximum conversions with a fixed monthly budget for clicks.


      Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk region

      Project work

      At the start of cooperation in 2017, the specialists of our company conducted an audit of the site, preparing recommendations for increasing its conversion rate. Before launching advertising, we set up goals so that further work would exclude blind activities but rely on specific data from statistics collection systems. Since advertising for medical services limits the ability to target audiences, we have focused on search campaigns in priority areas for the client in the Display Network. In addition, we set up a brand campaign in the Google Display Network and Google Search. After completing many experiments with other types of campaigns, our specialists left the most effective ones, distributing the available budget between them.

      One of the critical difficulties in implementing the task was the subject of the project, which is subject to the most stringent requirements for the content of advertisements and restrictions on targeting, which leads to regular rejection of ads. When discussing emerging issues with advertising account support managers, our employees took several measures to restore impressions:

      The launch of the Display Network gave a tremendous increase in traffic and conversions. We set up responsive display ads and targeted relevant placements and specific intent audiences (based on an analysis of search queries and competitor sites).

      Our team regularly conducted a list of optimization work:

      To optimally adapt advertising campaigns to the dynamics of demand and reach, in July 2018, we switched all ad campaigns to the intelligent bidding type “Maximum Conversions”.



      The first year of working with intelligent strategies did not bring significant conversion growth dynamics. With a 22% increase in spending, we got 17% fewer conversions and a 28% increase in cost per click.

      Comparison of 07.18-07.19 with the same period last year:

      However, during this period, the number of assisted conversions doubled.


      According to our recommendation, in December, online doctor appointment forms were added to the site to improve the site’s usability. As a result, our team has further tweaked the new macro conversions, which had positively impacted the performance of smart bidding strategies as they have more data to optimize. In the screenshot, you can see how rapidly conversions have started to grow since December 2019.

      The COVID-19 pandemic has made adjustments to the work of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The graph shows a decrease in new conversions since March 2020 (down to 80 conversions in April), as well as a recovery in July 2020 (150 conversions).

      However, by the end of the period we got the following results:

      2020 — 2021

      After another year of work and successful optimization of the AC, our specialists managed to achieve the following results:

      These results became possible to reach thanks to:


      With an average budget of UAH6,000 ... UAH8,000 per month, over 4 years of work on the project, our team managed to increase the number of conversions by more than 2 times, reduce the cost of conversion by 60%, and the cost of a click by 40%*.

      * Comparison of data for the first year of operation with smart strategies (2018) and 2021.

      Using the specific example, you can see that getting the maximum number of conversions at a profitable cost and with a small budget is an achievable goal, but requires sufficient time frames.

      Automatic bid management strategies are a useful tool to achieve good results.

      Regular work on optimizing the AC and providing strategies with a sufficient amount of data for analysis make this advertising tool as effective as possible.

      Project Participants:

      Project Manager: Maksym Prykhodko

      Project PPC-specialists: Iryna Khomenko, Oksana Makhinich, Anton Tsvelykh, Halyna Lyman.

      Head of PPC Department: Halyna Lyman.