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102 Leads At $0.62 In 7 Days For Machine Plastering Service

PPC specialist
Reviewer: Galina Liman
Head of Context Department
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102 Leads At $0.62 In 7 Days For Machine Plastering Service


Machine plaster specialist who expanded his team to 4 specialists, the client continues to administer processes within the business and process applications.

Services Provided: Plastering of walls and ceilings

Geo: Kyiv and Kyiv region (+20 km from Kyiv)

Client’s Target Audience:

  • people who bought apartments in a new building;
  • people doing renovations.

Work Period: May 6, 2022…May 30, 2022.

Client’s Task: at least 10…50 leads/month.

Complication: market situation and limited client’s budget per click.

Our Task: taking into account the situation in the country and, in particular, in the city of Kyiv and the Kyiv region, to attract leads with a limited budget for advertising.


At the time of the task, some businesses were just starting to resume activity, and due to the very unstable situation, it is extremely problematic to predict the results and user behavior.

Having analyzed the dynamics of popularity, we could not predict the number of leads for the client, because this is construction work, where the average bill is $1,000 per object. And potential customers, like the majority of the population, switched to savings and waiting, while the other part left Ukraine.

It would be incorrect to take data from Google Trends for the forecast since they could not be representative due to the variability of user behavior.

102 Leads At $0.62 In 7 Days For Machine Plastering Service

Also, the client has a minimum order: the company takes only orders with an area of ​​walls from 150 sq.m. (apartment from 35 sq.m.).

Peculiarities and difficulties of working with the client:

  • no website;
  • the Facebook page is not optimized for promotion — not filled with valuable information for potential customers, it had low information content;
  • the Instagram page is for personal use only;
  • limited budget for clicks — the client was targeting $5 per day ($150 per month), but was open to discussion;
  • lack of creatives and resources to create them.

Description Of Work On The Period Of Setting Up The Advertising Campaign, Selection Of Audience, And Creatives

Setting Period: 06/05/2022…13/05/2022 (7 days)

The main limitation is the inability to use different types of advertising campaigns to reach audiences at different stages of the sales funnel. This limitation is due to the lack of a website and high-quality content, as well as the inability to collect audiences for subsequent work with them. It is important for the client to quickly launch the process and immediately receive leads. With this in mind, we chose the type of advertising campaign with messages.

The launch audience was formed based on the information about the target audience provided by the client. At the same time, we launched audiences in combination with job characteristics and parent status*.

*These criteria make it possible to identify an audience with a certain level of income, as well as target those who may be potential owners of real estate in new residential complexes or those who have expanded their living space.

We provided the client with recommendations and requirements for the preparation of creatives, as well as their examples. The client did not have the opportunity to prepare and provide creatives according to our recommendations.

The current situation with the preparation of creatives is a common problem among small businesses. With limited resources, such an aspect is often not a priority. In this case, we do not recommend using stock images, but finding photos that could become the basis for a creative. We selected examples, and the client chose the image that he would like to use in the advertising campaign: a photo of equipment taken at the object. In the future, we prepared additional creatives for a wide variety of ads.

As a test tool, in addition to audiences and creatives, we chose a different format for addressing potential customers using the text design of ads.

Campaign Launch And First Results

During the first week, from May 16 to May 22, there were 102 requests with a price of $0.62 each (~18.1 UAH), which exceeded the client’s expectations by almost 8 times.

Analysis of the first communications and customer feedback indicated qualified requests. We planned the test period for two weeks, after which — an interim analysis, new tests, and/or adjustment of audiences, creatives, and ad texts.

For 13 days of the advertising campaign operation, the client received 144 requests at $0.77 (~22.52 UAH), after which the ad was stopped due to a debt in the account.

The client reported that he was not ready to replenish the balance and took a break to process and further work with the received leads, as well as close transactions.


At the beginning stage, it is important to competently approach the formation of the goal together with the client, taking into account, among other things, the construction of business processes. In this case, the volume of requests during the test period highlighted the critical aspects in establishing a business process of interaction with potential customers — leads.

Forming a goal from “at least,” “from X conversions,” or “the more — the better” is not always effective for business.

Accurately assess the potential of the business, its capacity, and return on investment, as well as find the very “happy medium” in which the company’s activities will be effective — a mandatory component of effective advertising.

Project Participants:

Project Manager: Olena Lavetska

PPC Specialist: Valeria Bigun

Head of the Сontext Department: Halyna Lyman

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