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463% organic traffic growth for a medical center in one year

Reviewer: Oleg Gavrilyuk
Head of Optimizers
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463% organic traffic growth for a medical center in one year


The client’s business is a full-range medical center with 4 branches in Kyiv.

Client came up with a specific problem: after moving to a new website in October 2020, positions and traffic have dropped. Among major concerns were poor visibility and low rankings in the key directions of the medical center:

  • Gynaecology;
  • Urology;
  • CT;
  • MRI

The client has also requested to improve the site’s visibility on diseases:

  • Cervical treatment Kyiv;
  • Treatment of dysplasia Kyiv

Promotion objective:

  • attract target commercial traffic – we need to show the potential traffic growth points;
  • bring the website to the top for following queries: “Gynecologist Kyiv”, “Urologist Kyiv”, “CT”, “MRI Kyiv” and diseases: “Cervical treatment Kyiv”, “Dysplasia treatment Kyiv” etc.

Baseline data and project details

Region: Kyiv

Language: Russian, Ukrainian

Priority search engine: Google

CMS: Laravel

Start of work: May 2022

Details: domain was changed in October 2020

As for the working team, copywriters, software engineers and web designers are on the client’s side.

Project strategy

Technical audit of the website

The first step was to check the technical condition of the site to detect any bugs that might affect the successful promotion. Generally, the website condition was acceptable, however, we detected a couple of critical errors.

  1. Errors in setting redirects from the old domain to the new one.
    • chain of redirects for some service pages:
    • Pages with 404 response of the old site without relinking to the corresponding page of the new domain.

    Upon checking and detecting errors, we mapped page redirects (380 URLs in total) from the old domain to the new one: we removed long chains, set up all redirects from 404 to the corresponding new URLs.

  2. Some pages were not optimized for mobile devices:
  3. “Bread crumbs” are not implemented on the website

All bugs were fixed by the client’s software engineers in a couple of months.

Website audit by E-E-A-T factors

In terms of the points from the Instructions for Assessors, the website was designed far worse than that of competitors – only some areas were implemented

What hasn’t been implemented:

  • video on service pages;
  • tables with the prices for services have not been published on all pages;
  • “About Us” page was missing
  • “Licenses and Certificates” page was missing
  • publication of patients’ reviews on the service and doctors pages has not been implemented

Our team has been gradually implementing points from the Instructions for Assessors, still working on some of them, however, we have already implemented the majority of the most critical points.

Working with the website semantic core

stage І

At this stage, Aweb specialists have developed the SC for the priority directions pages, having prepared the ToR for the texts, updated meta-tags and added FAQ sections.

stage ІІ

  1. Extending priority directions on microservices.For example, we worked through all possible types of MRIs by creating and optimizing the pages for MRI:
    • Head MRI;
    • Brain MRI;
    • Knee joint MRI;
    • Spine MRI;
    • Cervical spine MRI;
    • Sacrum and coccyx MRI;
    • Lumbosacral spine MRI;
    • Thoracic spine MRI;
    • Contrast-enhanced MRI;
    • Joint MRI;
    • Internal organs MRI;
    • Breast MRI;
    • MRI of the breast with implants;
    • Abdominal MRI;
    • Retroperitoneal space MRI;
    • Bile ducts MRI;
    • Pelvic MRI;
    • MRI of external genitalia;
    • MRI of the scrotum and testicles;
    • Rectal MRI;
    • Liver MRI;
    • MRI enterography;
    • MRI defecography;
    • Cardiac MRI

    For a large number of commercial queries, the site reached top 1-5, boosting clicks on “MRI” direction by 7.6x just in one year:

  2. Geo-expansionGiven the fact that client has 4 physical branches in Kyiv, one of the steps for attracting traffic was to create pages for branches and services targeting the geo-queries for Kyiv.As an example, branch on one of the offices:
  3. Geo-linked servicesApart from the abovementioned, we have created a few service pages with the same linking.Results for “MRI Kyiv Left Bank” query:Results for “CT Kyiv Left Bank” query:
  4. Elaboration of services associated with the priorities:«Urologist online consultation»:«Maternity welfare center»:

Building up an external link profile

We accepted the site for promotion with a fairly strong link profile: articles were published on the high-trust resources, including Wikipedia and leading Ukrainian media.

However, there were a lot of spammy referring domains.This is why our optimizers analyzed all links to the client’s site during the first stage and put more than 400 domains on the rejection list. We rejected low-quality links using several approaches, and then we started to build up a new procurement strategy using the following methods:

  • Outreach
  • Purchase through the link exchangers
  • Placements in existing trafficked articles
  • Profile updates on trusted directories and sites (as the domain has been replaced)
  • Placements on partner sites
  • Crowd-marketing

Results of working on the project in one year

463% increase in organic traffic across the site – from 35,212 users in May 2022 to 198,252 users in May 2023

By priority directions

“Gynaecology” category page (Russian and Ukrainian versions):

“Urology” category page (Russian and Ukrainian versions):

“MRI” category page (Russian and Ukrainian versions):

“CT” category page (Russian and Ukrainian versions):


Although medicine is highly competitive and quite complex niche for growth, we achieved great results and increased organic traffic by more than 4x.

We weren’t afraid to experiment, improve the quality of the site in terms of content and Instructions for Assessors, as well as expand semantic core into more specific and targeted services.

As a result, we achieved high results thanks to:

  • implementing technical edits;
  • expanding the structure of the site to cover all possible areas of services in the main category;
  • quality content;
  • careful selection of donor sites for the purchase of quality links

Project participants:

Project Manager: Maksym Prykhodko

Optimizer: Nataliia Pronina

Linker: Yevhen Fedchenko

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