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Doubling the number of organic applications for a dental clinic

Reviewer: Oleg Gavrilyuk
Head of Optimizers
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Doubling the number of organic applications for a dental clinic


«The Good Dentist Clinic» — a private dental clinic in Kyiv with two branches in Poznyaki.

Priority areas of treatment:

  • Dental implants
  • Veneers placement
  • Pediatric dental treatment under sedation
  • Treatment under a microscope
  • Installation of all types of crowns
  • Bite correction (orthodontics)
  • Braces installation
  • Typical and atypical tooth extraction
  • Dental restoration and augmentation
  • Whitening
  • Periodontology
  • Computed tomography of teeth
  • Caries treatment
  • Dental filling


Clinic’s website started to sag in traffic, which resulted in a 2-3x reduction in a client flow back in 2020.


  1. Increase traffic in priority directions, paying special attention to the queries that convert: “price”, “cost”, ” Kyiv”, “Poznyaki”.
  2. Restore and increase the flow of dentistry applications.

Priority directions in descending order:

  1. Implantation
  2. Veneers
  3. Pediatric sedation (sleep therapy)
  4. Metal-free crowns
  5. Treatment under a microscope
  6. Orthodontics
  7. Braces
  8. Atypical extraction of a tooth
  9. Restoration (augmentation and other)
  10. Aesthetic dentistry (whitening)
  11. Periodontology
  12. Computed tomography (it is also important to check this service on Google Maps and add information about it if necessary)
  13. Caries treatment
  14. Filling
  15. Tooth extraction

Source data

Region: Kyiv

Start of work: July, 28 2021

Promotion language: Russian

Search engine: Google

CMS: WordPress

Project Features

  • The site had a 10-year-old domain, with a DR value of 3,1 according to Ahrefs



  • Many priority directions were missing text and meta tags were not optimized
  • The site has not been elaborated as per the clauses of Assessors’ Guidelines

Software engineers and copywriters are on the client’s side. All the articles written are proofread by the dentists.

Selected work strategy

Technical audit of the site

We started working on the project by conducting a comprehensive technical audit and identifying errors on the site that could potentially affect the promotion. The document contained 43 clauses, 17 of which required improvements.

Program implementation Inspection result Priority Contractor
1. IP website analysis ОК
2. Checking the website for viruses, malicious scripts, and blacklisting ОК
3. Domain history analysis on WhoIs and web.archive ОК
4. Checking for the elements that may negatively impact user’s interaction with the website ОК
5. Checking for availability and correctness of forming SEO-Friendly URLs (human-readable URL) ОК
6. Checking for the gluing of mirrors and complete duplications ОК
7. Checking for a complete duplication of content correct high software engineer
8. Checking for technical pages, pages with duplicate content, or with no content in the index correct high software engineer
9. Checking for correctness of the server’s responses to the page request ОК
10. Checking the page code for HTML and CSS errors correct medium software engineer
11. Checking for availability and errors in SSL certificate ОК
12. Checking for hidden or spam links to external resources correct high software engineer
13. Checking for the correctness of robots.txt file set up correct high software engineer/content manager
14. Connect GWT and Yandex Webmaster correct medium optimizer or software engineer
15. Connect GA ОК
17. Check Sitemap.xml correct medium software engineer
18. Checking for CSS and JS availability ОК
19. Checking microformats correct medium software engineer
20. Checking social media buttons correct low software engineer
21. Checking website loading speed correct high software engineer
22. Checking for the availability and optimization of multilingualism ОК
23. Checking for the mobile version of the website correct medium software engineer
24. Checking the adaptability of the site on different types of devices correct medium software engineer
25. Checking for the correct output of the text content ОК
26. Tracking Stat.Aweb content in the SEO-monitor correct low software engineer
27. Checking for the elements (commercial factors) on the pages required for ranking in this topic correct medium software engineer
28. Checking for the partial content duplication ОК
30. Checking the indexation of reviews on the site ОК
31. Displaying pages with the Javascript disabled correct medium software engineer


Content Inspection result Priority Contractor
32. Checking for affiliates ОК
33. Checking the geo settings in GWT ОК
34. Checking for the correctness of forming meta tags ОК
35. Checking for availability/uniqueness of the web content ОК
36. Checking for availability of landing pages for semantic core ОК
37. Checking for the text content optimization corect medium software engineer/content manager
38. Checking for availability of content formatting ОК


Structure and re-linking Inspection result Priority Contractor
39. Checking for the “bread crumbs” menu ОК
40. Checking for re-linking on the website ОК
41. Checking for indexed, optimized filter pages ОК
42. Checking for the broken links ОК
43. Image optimization correct medium software developer


The key critical errors that we detected during the technical audit of the site were as follows:

  • the site contained pages with no CNC;
  • technical pages, which should be locked from indexing, were included in the Google index;
  • duplicate pages with similar content were detected:


https://www.kds.ua/ua/partners/ or https://www.kds.ua/ua/nashi-partnery/,

https://www.kds.ua/services/viniry/ or https://www.kds.ua/services-cat/viniry/

Besides, we also found the duplicates caused by an incorrect translation or the absence of translation of the main content for the Ukrainian version of the site.

  • micro-markup has not been implemented;
  • the site was not customized for the mobile version

Collecting a semantic core and working on the content

From the very first stage of the project, our team started collecting the semantic core for the pages identified by the client as priorities.

Here is an example of the semantic core fragment collected, where we have taken into account the client’s wish to work only with the queries which may potentially convert clicks into applications.



Following the elaboration of the key directions, we started to expand the semantic core on more specific services.

Along with the collection of the semantic core for priority pages, we have been working on the pages with no content, elaborating the semantic core for them and ToR for copywriters, as a part of the task to fill empty pages with high-quality, useful, and SEO-optimized content.

We have also added a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to all the pages that have been developed based on the semantic core and content with the clarifying questions for each direction, wrapping them with micro-markup.

Optimization based on the local geo-location

The client owns two branches of the clinic, which are located in the Poznyaki district of Kyiv, thus geo-linked queries are given the highest priority.

The main page of the project was optimized for the query “Poznyaki Dentistry”, which allowed us to reach the top 3 on the target query:



Building up an external link mass

During the first stage, our experts analyzed an existing link mass, rejecting low-quality and spammy links using Disavow (we rejected 30 domains with a total number of purchased – 108):



During the second stage of work, we started to systematically build up the link mass, buying links from thematic or related resources. During this stage, we used the following methods:

  • Outreach
  • Purchase through the link exchanges
  • Registration on trusted directories and sites
  • Registration on review sites
  • Crowd marketing (minimal)

E-E-A-T factors

We accepted the site with its minimal compliance with Google’s Guidelines for Assessors, which is essential for a medical (dentistry) site.

The site was missing the following basic pages:

  • About us
  • Certificates and licenses
  • Examples of work

Information was not comprehensively presented on the service pages

  • there was no price for services;
  • author of the article (a medical expert in the field)
  • no section with the doctors providing dental care
  • no FAQ section

While working on the project, all comments were eliminated and the pages were supplemented with the necessary content.

The results achieved

Traffic growth from organic search increased from 9462 users per month to 16769 users:



The growth in organic dental referrals increased from 219 per month (work started in August 2021) to 510 in May 2023.

It should be noted that once we started working on the project, a surge in requests was seen as early as September 2021 – 2 months after the work started:



Our project managed to reach the top for priority commercial queries on the pages with highest priority:





While working on this project, our specialists used all standard methods of SEO optimization of the site – both internal and external.

As a result, we managed to double the amount of traffic and hits to the site from Google search.

Our team achieved such great results thanks to:

  • eliminating all technical errors on the site;
  • the most comprehensive study of the clauses from Assessors’ Guidelines;
  • collecting a semantic core exclusively for the commercial content;
  • full disclosure of the main content topics;
  • careful selection of donors for building up external links.

Project participants:

Project Managers: Oleksandra Nesina

Optimizer: Natalia Pronina

Linker: Yevhen Fedchenko

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