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Infographic: List of works on contextual advertising from Aweb

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Infographic: List of works on contextual advertising from Aweb

Contextual advertising, or PPC (pay per click), is one of the most effective, fast, and reliable channels for attracting targeted traffic to your website. Sales or branding – a competent advertising campaign guarantees results. We set up:

  • search ads;
  • banner ads on the Google Display Network;
  • video advertising on Youtube;
  • advertising of mobile applications;
  • shopping advertising campaigns (Google Shopping).

For 15 years of our work, we have formed an optimal plan for launching advertising campaigns and a list of proven optimization techniques that we combine with the latest Google Ads tools.

To answer the questions: “how is a contextual advertising project built?” and “how does the project start?” we have prepared an infographic.

Infographic: List of works on contextual advertising from Aweb

How is the project communication structured?

Each Aweb client is assigned a project manager – the link between the business goals and the tasks of the contextual advertising team.

When launching a project, we always clarify which communication channel is most convenient for the client (e-mail, calls, instant messengers). In addition, cooperating with Aweb, you get access to our CRM system, where you can create tasks or ask questions to your project team:

Infographic: List of works on contextual advertising from Aweb

If the question is asked in the first half of the day, you will receive an answer on the same day. If late in the evening or outside business hours, we will respond within a business day.

Before the start of the work of the team, the manager will agree with you on the priority groups of goods or services for advertising, clarify the demand seasonality schedule and fix the KPI of the project.

When and in what format are reports provided?

Every month, we provide a report on the work performed and the performance of all launched advertising campaigns. A report is generated in the Google Data Studio format for each project. It is always available to you via the link provided by the project manager after the end of the first period of cooperation.

In the report, you can view the performance of advertising campaigns for any period from the start of the project since the data is dynamically loaded from Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts.

The content and format of the monthly report may differ depending on the client’s requests and the tools used.

For example, a report can show statistics on customers and sales from contextual advertising if the client’s company uses CRM and call tracking.

In addition to the monthly report, we can prepare additional reports upon your request. It can be a one-time, weekly, or longer-term report that helps build the company’s online marketing strategy.

If you want to start using contextual advertising – order consultation, and our manager will answer all your questions.

If you are already using contextual advertising, but are not satisfied with its results, order an express audit, and we will find points for increasing the effectiveness of your advertising.

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