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Raising traffic by 9 times on the food business startup’s website

Reviewer: Oleg Gavrilyuk
Head of Optimizers
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Raising traffic by 9 times on the food business startup’s website


EAT-ME-AT is a company manufacturing and selling plant meat based on textured soy protein.

Our goal

The primary goal is to improve the website positions for priority group queries:

Source data:

Region: Ukraine

Start of work: June 28, 2022

Language: Ukrainian, English

Search engine: Google

Seasonality: unstable (there is no direct dependence on the season)

Difficulties with the project

Narrow niche, hardly any competitors, and 85% of responses are informational:

At the beginning of work, the site was new and with hardly any indicators.

The product line consists of only three key products (only a few landing pages, for which we are collecting semantic core, very few queries, and in general all of them are low-frequency).

Searching for the site growth points

  • Collecting and optimizing all possible commercial pages
  • The emphasis should be placed on the home page
  • Growing a blog and attracting information traffic to the site with the help of articles (selection of frequent relevant topics)

Working process

Semantic core and content management

Our specialists collected 5 Ukrainian semantic keyword groups and 6 English ones. We agreed this list with the client and the team started working on the accessible semantics.

Frequency Queries Semantic group Landing page
390 eat me at растительное мясо https://eat-me-at.com/uk
70 растительное мясо
20 растительное мясо купить
20 веганское мясо
20 іт мі ет
20 eat me at купить
0 растительное мясо цена
20 растительный фарш растительный фарш https://eat-me-at.com/uk/product/eat-me-farsh
0 фарш веганский
0 вегетарианский фарш
0 фарш из растительного мяса
20 веганский бургер веганский бургер https://eat-me-at.com/uk/recipes/messy-asian-burger-z-it-mi-et
20 вегетарианский бургер
10 веган бургеры


Frequency Queries Translation Semantic group Landing page
30 vegan meat веганское мясо vegan meat https://eat-me-at.com/en
10 plant based meat растительное мясо
10 buy vegan meat online купить веганское мясо онлайн
10 buy vegan meat покупайте веганское мясо
10 order vegan meat online заказывайте веганское мясо онлайн
10 vegetarian meat вегетарианское мясо
10 plant meat растительное мясо
10 plant beef растительная говядина
10 plant based meat products мясные продукты растительного происхождения
10 plant based beef растительная говядина
10 mock meat макет мяса
10 meatless meat мясо без мяса
10 meat free products продукты без мяса
10 meat free meat мясо без мяса
10 vegan meat buy веганское мясо купить
10 plant based meat buy растительное мясо купить
10 vegan meat products веганские мясные продукты
10 vagetable meat
10 vegan mince веганский фарш vegan mince https://eat-me-at.com/en/product/mince-eat-me
10 vegetarian mince вегетарианский фарш
10 plant based mince фарш на растительной основе
10 meat free mince фарш без мяса
10 vegan minced meat веганский фарш
10 plant based ground beef говяжий фарш растительного происхождения
10 plant mince растительный фарш
10 meatless ground meat фарш без мяса
10 vegan ground beef веганский фарш
10 vegetarian ground beef вегетарианский фарш
10 vegan ground meat веганский фарш
10 vegan mince meat веганский фарш
10 vegetarian mincemeat вегетарианский фарш


After collecting semantics, we worked out ToRs for implementing meta tags on the pages that were accepted for promotion, and also for writing/further optimization of the texts by copywriters.

Technical audit of the site

The technical audit included 41 items, in 15 of which we detected errors and the room for further improvement of the site. Our team has prepared a detailed ToR to correct all errors.

Program implementation Inspection result Priority Contractor
1. IP website analysis ОК low software engineer
2. Checking the website for viruses, malicious scripts, and blacklisting correct medium software engineer
3. Domain history analysis on WhoIs and web.archive ОК high software engineer
4. Checking for the elements that may negatively impact user’s interaction with the website ОК high software engineer
5. Checking for availability and correctness of forming SEO-Friendly URLs (human-readable URL) ОК high software engineer
6. Checking for the gluing of mirrors and complete duplications correct high software engineer
7. Checking for a complete duplication of content ОК high software engineer
8. Checking for technical pages, pages with duplicate content, or with no content in the index correct high software engineer
9. Checking for correctness of the server’s responses to the page request ОК high software engineer
10. Checking the page code for HTML and CSS errors correct medium software engineer
11. Checking for availability and errors in SSL certificate ОК high software engineer
12. Checking for hidden or spam links to external resources correct medium software engineer
13. Checking for the correctness of robots.txt file set up ОК high software engineer/content manager
14. Connecting GSC correct high software engineer
15. Connecting GA ОК high optimizer
16. Checking Sitemap.xml correct medium software engineer
17. Checking for CSS and JS availability ОК medium software engineer
18. Checking microformats correct medium software engineer
19. Checking social media buttons ОК low software engineer
20. Checking website loading speed correct high software engineer
21. Checking for the availability and optimization of multilingualism ОК medium software engineer
22. Checking for the mobile version of the website ОК medium software engineer
23. Checking the adaptability of the site on different types of devices ОК medium software engineer
24. Checking for the correct output of the text content ОК high software engineer
25. Checking the availability of elements (commercial factors) on the pages, required for ranking on the selected topic correct medium software engineer
26. Checking for the partial content duplication ОК medium software engineer
27. Removing irrelevant and out of stock items ОК high software engineer
28. Checking the indexation of reviews on the site correct medium software engineer
29. Checking for the content rendering with JavaScript enabled or disabled ОК medium software engineer


Content Inspection result Priority Contractor
30. Checking for affiliates ОК high
31. Checking the geo settings in GWT ОК high optimizer
32. Checking for the correctness of forming meta tags correct high content manager/software engineer
33. Checking for availability/uniqueness of the web content ОК high content manager
34. Checking for availability of landing pages in semantic core ОК low content manager
35. Checking for the text content optimization ОК medium software engineer
36. Checking for availability of content formatting correct medium software engineer


Structure and re-linking Inspection result Priority Contractor
37. Checking for the “bread crumbs” menu correct high software engineer
38. Checking for re-linking on the website ОК low software engineer
39. Checking for indexed, optimized filter pages ОК medium software engineer
40. Checking for the broken links ОК medium software engineer
41. Usability ОК medium software engineer


Building up a link profile

Since the DR of the site was 0 (zero), we immediately started selecting donors to build up a quality link mass.

Apart from the standard link-building techniques that we normally use, the team also applied:

  • Outreach
  • Purchasing through the link exchanges
  • Registration on review sites
  • Crowd marketing
  • Tracking brand mentions and embedding links to the website

Results on the project








Aweb team managed to achieve great results during the year of promotion: as reported by the ahrefs.com service, traffic and keys have tripled since the start of promotion.

The real data in Google Analytics is significantly different from Ahrefs, yet there is a solid positive trend. We managed to achieve such results thanks to a comprehensive individual approach to project promotion, understanding of the niche, and the specifics of promoting projects of such format.

Project participants

Project manager: Oleksandra Nesina

Optimizer: Anna Sviatetska

Linker: Yevhen Fedchenko

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