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SEO Optimization Services

Increase Targeted Traffic from Google Search

Are you looking to improve your business's visibility and ranking on Google? Or are you aiming to attract visitors and convert them into loyal clients? Look no further than Aweb! Our team of experts, armed with advanced techniques and AI-powered technology, is ready to help you skyrocket your business and attract more clients. Whether you're a dentist seeking to establish your practice in a new location or an e-commerce store hoping to drive more valuable traffic, we can translate your business goals into quantifiable results.

Our SEO solutions

Aweb is an all-in-one solution that improves your visibility in the crowded market. Honed with cutting-edge technology and equipped with proven strategies, our expert professionals conduct in-depth market research and devise a personalized plan that converts your leads into profitable revenue. We keep a keen eye on every algorithm update to reiterate the plan for maximum output.


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Why SEO is your perfect partner for growth?

Most web journeys begin with a question. To answer a search query, the crawlers or bots sift through the mountains of data they have crawled and display the most relevant and important search results to the user in their SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This is called Search Engine ranking.

But how do companies ensure their position in the SERP? This is where SEO Optimization comes into play. SEO is the practice of optimizing your business's content and structure, which allows search engines to understand your business, its value proposition, its relevance to the chosen keywords, and why it deserves to be shown on searches related to your niche.

This process involves establishing your brand as the leader in your niche market.  SEO is your pathway to driving organic traffic to your website.

How does SEO work for your business?

Did you know that Google processes around 99,000 search queries every second? That's a whopping 8.5 billion searches a day. In this fast-paced digital era, a robust online presence is important for businesses to stand out in saturated markets. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in as your ultimate ally.

At Aweb, we understand SEO like the back of our hand. From thorough keyword research to creating engaging content, we know what it takes to make your business shine in the digital realm. With Google's continually evolving algorithms and the sheer amount of online competition, having an extensive SEO strategy is not just beneficial - it's essential.

Don't let your business disappear in the vast expanse of the internet. Let us help you climb the ranks, attract organic traffic, and ultimately drive success. Get in touch with Aweb today, and let's take your online presence to new heights with our SEO optimization services.

The SEO team


The link between the client and the company. Listens to the client, understands his tasks and controls the working group of the project.


Working to increase search traffic. Responsible for the result.


Receives assignments from an optimizer and implements all the necessary changes on the client’s website.


He studies your topic and writes texts for the necessary pages of the website.

Linkbuilder/Outreach Specialist

Acquire links through exchanges, website commenting, forum participation, and blog engagement.

Our SEO services

On-page SEO

Optimize your On-page SEO to rank higher and drive more organic traffic.

SEO audit

A comprehensive analysis of your website's health, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities to rank higher.

Competitor analysis

Spy (ethically!) on your top competitors to understand their SEO strategies and find ways to outrank them.

Optimize meta tags

Craft clear and compelling titles and descriptions that entice visitors to click on your website.

Improve page loading speed

Make your website lightning fast, keeping visitors and search engines impressed.

Improve website structure

Ensure your website is organized logically, making it easier for search engines and visitors to navigate.

Improve indexing

Help search engines find and understand all your valuable website content.

Detecting & remove bad links

Identify and remove harmful links that can hurt your website's ranking.

Integrating Google search console and analytics

Connect powerful tools to track your website's performance and optimize your SEO strategy.

Off-page SEO

Establish your brand credibility and online presence through off-page SEO strategies.

Link building strategy

Creates and executes a plan to gather backlinks for the website.

Link profile analysis

Conducts thorough analysis to identify and eliminate low-quality links.

Trustworthy website registration

Registers the website on trustworthy platforms to enhance its online credibility.

High-quality link procurement

Strategically acquire reputable backlinks, gradually increasing their quantity.

Natural traffic attraction

Utilizes crowd marketing techniques to attract website visitors organically.


Create SEO-friendly content to engage visitors and enhance your search marketing.

Keyword research

Conducts detailed research to pinpoint relevant keywords for improved SEO.

Text composition with key requests

Creates engaging content by integrating keywords to boost search engine visibility.

Content iteration for lost positions

Improves existing content that has experienced a decline in search engine rankings to regain traction.

Local SEO

Attract high-intent customers to grow your local market.

Create with Google Business profile

Create a Google Business profile to improve local SEO rankings and attract nearby customers.

Optimize GMB profile

Update the profile with accurate information, appealing visuals, and regular updates for better visibility and engagement.

SEO consulting services

Optimize your website to improve search engine rankings, drive organic traffic, and boost online visibility with expert guidance and customized strategies.


Сonsulting services for SEO strategies personalized to meet businesses' needs and goals.

Website content

Guidance on enhancing website content, boosting search engine rankings, and driving organic traffic.

SEO audits

Audit`s conducting to pinpoint areas for improvement and create tailored SEO plans.

Technical SEO

Improve your ranking by optimizing your website's back-end operations.

Technical SEO audit

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the website's technical aspects to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Address critical issues

Implement solutions to resolve critical technical issues such as site speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, URL structure enhancements.

Providing SEO solutions for businesses

IT companies

We specialize in SEO marketing services for IT companies, assisting them in enhancing their online presence, attracting relevant leads, and becoming an authority in their industry. Our approach includes optimizing technical aspects of their website and creating compelling content to ensure their high ranking in search engine results.

SEO for financial services

As a leading SEO company specializing in financial services, we help firms increase online visibility, attract qualified leads, and build trust with potential clients. From optimizing financial content to implementing local SEO strategies, our SEO agency services ensure financial services firms rank prominently in search engine results.


With our expertise in Fintech SEO, we help companies in the financial technology sector increase brand awareness, attract investors, and drive user acquisition. By optimizing website content, leveraging industry-specific keywords, and implementing technical SEO strategies, we ensure Fintech firms rank prominently in search engine results.


Our SEO services for startups are geared towards accelerating growth, increasing brand awareness, and gaining traction in competitive markets. Our professionals optimize website architecture, create engaging content, conduct preliminary research, and more to help startups achieve their business objectives and stand out.

E-commerce SEO

We are unwaveringly committed to optimizing e-commerce websites to improve visibility, drive sales, and attract qualified traffic. Our ecommerce SEO services are delivered with laser-focused precision to enhance product descriptions, optimize category pages, and implement technical SEO elements.

Medical aesthetic clinics

Our team at Aweb assists medical aesthetic clinics with maintaining their digital presence with our SEO services. These solutions are designed to boost visibility, attract new patients, and ultimately increase bookings for cosmetic procedures. We employ targeted keyword optimization, local SEO tactics, and content marketing strategies to help medical aesthetic clinics differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

Insurance services

It's the booming era of insurance companies, making it mandatory to optimize their digital presence to stand out in a developing market. Aweb's marketing and SEO services focus on increasing website visibility, attracting targeted leads, and driving conversions. Through strategic keyword targeting, content optimization, and local SEO tactics, we help insurance providers enhance their online presence and grow their businesses.

Law firms SEO

Our specialized website and SEO services ensure that your potential clients find you among the labyrinth of legal websites. Our services are focused on improving online visibility, generating leads, and establishing thought leadership in the legal industry. Through strategic content creation, local SEO optimization, and reputation management, we help law firms attract clients and grow their practice.

Doctors and medical clinics

Our SEO web services cater to medical clinics and doctors who are lost in the digital noise and unseen by potential patients. We increase their online visibility, attract new patients, and improve their reputation. By researching relevant keywords, employing local SEO strategies, and optimizing content, we assist healthcare professionals in connecting with patients seeking healthcare services online.

SEO for SaaS

Our search engine optimization services for SaaS companies are poised to increase visibility, drive website traffic, and generate leads for software-as-a-service providers. We help SaaS companies improve their online presence and attract potential customers through targeted keyword research, content optimization, and link-building strategies.


Aweb's retail-focused web SEO services help businesses drive online sales, increase store visits, and build brand loyalty. By optimizing product pages, implementing structured data markup, and leveraging local SEO strategies, we ensure retail businesses capture the attention of potential customers at every stage of the buyer's journey.

Adult toy SEO

With our focus on adult toy businesses, we help them enhance their online visibility, drive web traffic, and boost their online sales. Our team helps these businesses reach their target audience and achieve their business goals. We implement SEO strategies tailored to the adult industry, optimizing product listings and utilizing content marketing.

Small business

We understand the unique challenges small businesses face, which is why our web and SEO services are tailored to maximize visibility, drive traffic, and increase conversions within your budget. From local SEO tactics to content optimization, we help small businesses compete effectively in the online marketplace.

Dental SEO services

The dental search engine optimization services help dental practices attract more patients, increase appointment bookings, and grow revenue. From optimizing website content to leveraging local SEO techniques, we ensure your dental practices rank prominently in search engine results for relevant queries.

Our results

We don't just talk about results; we deliver them. Check out real-world examples of how our SEO strategies have transformed businesses like yours.

Browse through the case studies to see how we've increased website traffic, boosted leads, and achieved significant growth for our clients.


How much do SEO services typically cost?

SEO service costs can vary significantly depending on factors such as the amount of work required, the level of competitiveness in your industry, and the provider's expertise. Monthly fees typically range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Contact us today to discuss your objectives and budget and help determine the most appropriate pricing and services for your project scope.

How do I know which type of SEO I need?

Choosing the right SEO for your needs depends on various factors, such as your business goals, target audience, and current online presence. There are different types of SEO, including on-page, off-page, technical, local, and e-commerce SEO, each addressing specific aspects of website optimization.

Can you give me some free SEO tips?

Of course! Here are some of the key tips for an optimized website:

  • begin by conducting keyword research to discover appropriate terms for your industry;
  • use keywords to optimize your meta titles, descriptions, and headings;
  • create engaging content that incorporates relevant keywords;
  • improve the speed of your website to enhance user experience;
  • ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

If you would like more detailed information on optimizing your website for search engines, we offer a complimentary SEO audit. Contact us today to schedule your free audit.

Does your SEO work for all major search engines?

Our website marketing SEO services are designed to perform effectively on all major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We adhere to the best practices and keep ourselves up-to-date with search engine algorithms to guarantee maximum visibility and performance for your website on various platforms.

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