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SEO Optimization Services

Increase Targeted Traffic from Google Search

Comprehensive internal optimization

We pay special attention to the elimination of technical and search errors of the website and a competent internal structure. We are implementing the correct linking. All written texts and work on internal optimization remain with the client forever.


We write texts for the promoted pages. The texts written by us take into account the latest changes in search engine ranking algorithms.

External optimization

Website promotion with an optimal balance between cost and security. The team of «linkers» monitors all the details of external optimization so that the website does not fall «under the filter».

The result is important

The best performance metric is targeted traffic. Our customers get exactly it. And they pay for it.

Constant traffic growth

The number of visitors will not be fixed at the same level after six months of promotion but will grow all the time.

Real terms

We do not promise results in 2-3 months. The honest deadlines are as follows: the most noticeable results are achieved after 6-8 months of work.


projects implemented
by our company

18 months

the average duration of cooperation
with the client


key phrases bring
into the top 10 in 6 months


per month — the average increase in traffic
on our projects

Working group

Effective promotion work is possible only in a well-coordinated team of highly specialized specialists.

Therefore, at least 5 collaborators will work on your project:


The link between the client and the company. Listens to the client, understands his tasks and controls the working group of the project.


Working to increase search traffic. Responsible for the result.


Receives assignments from an optimizer and implements all the necessary changes on the client’s website.


He studies your topic and writes texts for the necessary pages of the website.

Reference specialist

Gets links to the promoted website. Uses exchanges, comments on websites, forums, and blogs.

No payment for the top

To understand why here’s a simple example:


Payment for the top

The company promotes the website according to the scheme with payment for positions at the top in the subject of «the gate». There is 1 month left before the project is completed. The optimizer sees that searches for «sliding gates» and «sliding gates Kyiv» are at 17 and 22 places.

In order not to return funds for unreached positions, the link budget is directed to the output of these keywords. The optimizer buys cheap rental links, and the words reach the 8th and 9th places of the top five days before the submission. The Seo company avoided a return, the position is in the top 10. And a little more than 10 people go to the client’s website using these keywords a day.

Payment for the result

The same queries «sliding gates», «sliding gates Kyiv» do not reach the top for three months. But on the first page, there are queries like «automatic gates». 35 people a day use them. Web analytics shows that there is a significant number of visits to the website for the queries «automatic sliding gates», «automatic gates Kyiv», and etc. Although the requests themselves reach positions 7–9 in the top 10. The company promotes these requests to the top 3, which gives an increase in traffic for these requests up to 400% (+75 clicks).

And the queries «sliding gates» and «sliding gates Kyiv» are moving at the same pace without leaps and appear in the top six months later.

The traffic is constantly growing.

Optimization stages when promoting a website to order

Having decided to order SEO website promotion, you must understand that this is a complex process that works for a long-term result. But thanks to a well-thought-out strategy and clear work of performers, website promotion through SEO optimization brings a positive result. And your website, if you decide to order its promotion in this way, will start to work effectively for your business.

The SEO promotion process consists of two stages of work — external and internal optimization.

Internal optimization

SEO promotion begins with internal website optimization, which is aimed at its technical improvement and improving the quality of content. The main works of this stage:

  • website audit;
  • analysis of competitors’ Internet resources and identification of works that will help to bring the promoted website up to their level;
  • composing semantic core and the distribution of requests for pages;
  • improvement of the structure of the website;
  • improvement of indexing;
  • writing texts using the key requests from the semantic core;
  • optimization of meta tags;
  • detection and correction of bad links;
  • increasing the speed of loading pages;
  • adding website information to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

External optimization

The second stage of SEO promotion is performed by posting links to the website on authoritative thematic Internet resources. It includes the following works:

  • analysis of the existing link mass with the rejection of links that are posted on websites of poor quality;
  • purchase of high-quality eternal links, with a smooth increase in their number;
  • attracting natural traffic using crowd marketing;
  • website registration on websites with a good trust score

What do you get by deciding to order SEO website promotion?

After optimization by Aweb specialists, you get:

  • an optimized, properly working website that meets the requirements of the Instructions for Assessors and has a clear structure and high-quality content;
  • leading positions of the website at the top of Google search queries;
  • an increase in the number of transitions;
  • an increase in the number of orders;
  • improvement of brand awareness;
  • increasing customer loyalty.

If you want to order website promotion, please contact Aweb, which is a certified Google partner!

Call us to find out the exact cost of the work!

Anna Zhurba
project manager

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